Dedicated Linux Chat Server

SIS Messenger feature offers the Organisation to form their own group for communication within their office and with their client group like Branches, Dealers, suppliers, resellers, buyers etc. By cut screen option they can send their screen data, file to other person at just a click. Private text chat can be established between two people without any intervention of the third person even within the official group.

  • Easy to use messenger client like Gaim for various platforms like Linux/Windows/MAC.
  • Rugged chat service within the organisation with a provision of allowing your clients.
  • Multi User chat.
  • The Communication (STD/ISD) cost can be saved.
  • Immediate response than any form of communication.
  • Facility to chat with Internal Groups (Colleagues / Branches).
  • Facility to chat with External Groups (Branches, Clients, dealers, Vendors).
  • More efficient compared to many Messengers.

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