Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sixthstar starts out each campaign with a keyword research; performing a refined deep research into your website, your competitors, and keywords in your niche. Our experts then develop a list of keywords that your website could rank for the basis of your budget and keywords that have a large amount of traffic and will deliver Quality traffic.
Sixthstar then add these keywords to your client portal page, where you can track their ranking throughout the campaign.
Search Engine Optimization is a long term investment in Sixthstar; continuously grow your client base. Sixthstar Search engine optimization has no “per click” or “per view” fees and once results are achieved it is relatively inexpensive to continue to get the benefits of high search rankings ultimately.
Website Page Rank is a system implemented by Google that measures web page`s importance with only taking into account the links and links related factors. The other big search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Quickr) probably have a similar system but without an official measurement.
So, each web page is giving votes to the links on that page and the power of the vote is determined by the number of links pointing to the page that gives the vote. The votes are divided among the links on the page so the lesser number of links, the more share of the vote is given to each link. Internal links are given a higher share than external.
Our Sixthstar experts found many reasons for, a web site rank well in search engine results. Several different factors such as on and off page come into conclusion. Some possibilities are given below:
Your Website Crawl ability and web design is not readable by search engine like Google, Bing etc...
Poor Web visibility. Your website may not be having good back link issues. Websites that have more links from other sites pointing to them are viewed by the search engines as "important".
Search engines especially Google crawl the fresh content page so, Sixthstar advices to regularly update the content.
A important to keep in mind before getting a new website live is to determine what your site is all about. If you're into the "BMW cars" business, these terms should appear and must be discussed on your pages frequently.
Sure, The Websites which are SEO optimized and ranking for keywords are worth money. There are companies out there which just buy/ sell domains that are ranking for keywords and have a large amount of quality incoming links, and it is true fact that Sixthstar SEO increases your Website/product/Company Value.
According to “Sixthstar”, Search engine optimization refers to improving the placement of your website in search results of browse engines such as Google, webopedia, ask, Yahoo and Bing for selected phrases of keyword that related to the business.
Sixthstar’s Search Engine Optimization serves as marketing strategy: Sixthstar’s goal of SEO is to generate sales. Our process is a form of marketing that finally aims at selling process.
SEO Rankings in the search engines: Search engines are used to find information, which they display in the form of Search Engine Results Pages . Websites are ranked in the screen up to the bottom according to the relevance to the search.
Selection of Hand-picked Keywords: So, Keywords are descriptions of the information that people are looking for. For example, the keywords “BMW cars” are a search engine user’s description of the information he’s looking for: best cars in BMW.
STEP 1- Your keyword research to determine the preferred keywords that current customers will use. i.e., we enquire: “what would a customer type into a search engine to find this site?” this ensures that those keywords convert visitors to sales or leads.
STEP 2- The next step is that, your website is modified to include keywords where search engines looks. Example- title /header /alt tags in a website, and the introduction and conclusion of the main content text are typical places to use keywords. This editing is done in such a way as to maintain the existing meaning or style, simply changes necessary to achieve rankings.
STEP 3- Your Contacts are made with other website owners to ask them to link to the site. Search engines look at links from other websites as approval votes.
Sixthstar makes you to target the long keywords, so you can see results very quickly ,but remember always SEO is a long term strategy.
Sixthstar SEO services are focused mainly on Google because it is one of the far -most popular search engine in the world. Also in most cases, if your website ranks well on Google it will rank well on all other search engines, more over we also concentrate on other search engines too.
Sixthstar do offer Quality SEO services, but offers link intelligence and domain metrics strategies to inform and empower Internet marketing through our Search engine optimizers.
The thing is that, where you get your links, the quality or relevancy of these links you have, and what keywords you’re using as the anchor text all affect your rankings. There are other factors that affect your ranking, including but not limited to:
Updating your site, often? Check what ranks well for you and aim to match it , On page optimization factors – optimize your tags, content, formatting, keyword proximity, site map, and links on your web page. Sixthstar also includes keywords at the top of your page and in your “alt” tags
You have unique content that stands apart? Sixthstar give you Uniqueness.
Whether your domain includes your primary keywords.
Just, Check your domain’s age, reputation, IP address and whether it’s a top level domain.
So, Keyword stuffing or using text that’s the same color as the background can negatively affect your rankings. Issue is that, your specific site gets manually inspected and don’t have a legitimate reason for it.
Another issue that affect your rankings is the Frames negatively
Keep in mind, Search engines can’t read, like audios, flash, videos, and graphics.
Yes of course, they probably can, but they will never be with the same efficiency and effectiveness as a specialized SEO company. Doing wrong things with SEO can confuse your website and be extremely costly to reverse.
So to rank organically for a keyword, there must be content on the site dedicated to that keyword- so be ready to write as much content as needed. In terms of paid search, there is no limit to the keywords you can target. But again, be ready to pay for clicks on these keywords and develop landing pages for all of them.
Our “Sixthstar” web service staffs use multiple IP hosting solutions to help their targeted website's back linking statistics. So, Creating micro websites with content related to your target website on different Class IPs and then linking these micro websites to your target website makes your target website seem more relevant to the search engines with respect to your target website's content.
Only a short list of sites on the Internet has Page Rank.

Of course, Search rankings will fluctuate.

You need to be involved in the initial stages of the optimization process during which we decide on which keywords will be targeted. The actual optimization of the site will be up to Sixthstar. If optimization is ongoing in the place, more participation will be required from the client.
Sixthstar’s optimization process were as follows:
Competition-wise research
Creation and submission of the Sitemap
Keywords brain storming & research by Sixthstar
The target keyword list undergoes Completion, review and approval.
Finalized keyword list sent to design team
On site Basic SEO completed including Google Analytics implementation.
Ranking reports were sent monthly to track progress and performance.
Yes you need ! Remember, The SEO forever purely depends on the keywords. May be the local keywords may stay ranked for years together after completing SEO campaign, while competitive keywords likely stay ranked for a few months. What we typically do if the client wants to down their SEO campaign is put you on a maintenance package where we monitor your rankings and engage in your SEO work just to maintain your current potential rankings; “Sixthstar”helps you in any way you require in SEO Concern.