Business Emails


1. Manage and use easily: People find it productive only when it is easy for them to stay connected. Hence, this Business Email will favour for a simple managing techniques so that you can focus more on your business.

2. Mobile – friendly and responsive: This will let you access over various mobile devices and make you reach mobile clients instantly.

3. Spam filters: We provide you tools like anti-spam filters that prevent and filter unnecessary emails getting filled in your account.

4. Scale your process: You can increase your mail account by purchasing further. In either way, you will be benefited since you are paying for your requirements.

5. Redundant support: You can reach us for our support at any occurrences since we are readily available through call, chat or emails.


1. Required space: You will be provided with a specific amount of space in which you are allowed to save all the sent and received emails for future purpose. And also, your emails will be backed up by a daily process and so you can make use of it later.

2. Guaranteed Uptime: There will be redundant and continuous service and hence you will be provided with a guaranteed uptime since our data centers are equipped with resources that don’t let any damage to occur.

3. Email protocols: You can have access to outlook, outlook express, windows mail and other apps through mobile access or browser-based connection.

4. Maintain Mail lists: You can able to maintain mail lists according to your user’s say whether they are internal or external it is an easy process.

5. Virus protection: Our inbuilt anti-virus technology doesn’t allow any virus or malfunction occurring while downloading any document or files and thus ensuring a safe and protected mail accounts.