Data Centre in Chennai

Sixth Star Technologies in Chennai has six world-class Data centres hosting in India. And it is purposely located in the United States, Singapore, UK, Malaysia, India, etc., for the ease of access to the colocation Datacenters. According to OCR and PCI, audit protocols report our colocation data centre in Chennai has satisfied many customers by providing dedicated server service and all managed and unmanaged services.

Why choosing from Sixthstar Technologies?

Sixth Star Technologies has more than 10 years of proficiency in providing secure and consistent Colocation Data Center Hosting in India and Server Colocation in Chennai for many organizations over a wide variety of businesses that help in satisfying the following.

  • Build business efficiency
  • Cut costs
  • Increase growth opportunities
  • Enhance administration levels

Also, we have Colocation Data Center in Chennai of about 30,000 sq. feet with redundant power and cooling systems, and here the power consumption is good with minimum cost. Our entire Data Center Hosting in India assures Tier 3 configuration for significant power and HVAC. Tier 3 areas include

Secured Green Building – We maintain perfect security with green building features by installing CCTV cameras, biometric scanners, PA system, and man traps.

Redundant/Continuous Power Supply – There will be continues supply irrespective of any hardware failures since we have N+1 redundancy including UPS balancing load generators and 100% Diesel Generator Backup with cooling service.

Duty-free goods – Domestic goods for development, maintenance and operation will be procured without taxes.

Connectivity - Cross-connects to a broad variety of network providers including our global Tier 3 backbone in each datacenter hosting to meet your public and private network connectivity needs.

Support - Exceptional 24 / 7 client support and optional Server Co-location in Chennai services, including our remote hands Gold Support by Experienced and Well trained professionals.

Hosting with Sixthstar Technologies in Chennai or from anywhere in India, gives you a lot more than a simple storage rack space. You get a whole ecosystem of Hosting, servers, colocation server, mail, storage and networks in Chennai for your business can guide into. From Highly Available bandwidth to world-class CDN administrations, we have it all with the best quality and with high class 24 * 7 Support.

Additionally, as your Data Center Hosting server in Chennai, we will get you a quicker declaration from enterprise-class highly efficient vendors like IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco, Intel and Oracle and Etc., due to our quality of work engagement and the extraordinary undertaking administration agreements that Sixthstar Technologies has made with them. These are all the reasons why you have to choose your data centre in Chennai from SixthStar Technologies.

Data centre Hosting Service and Support in India

Premium hosting services can only be as good as the infrastructure supporting it, which is why we are particular in selecting where we host your data. Mainly the data centers and Colocation data centers in Chennai is used for backup power supplies when you are in need of Emergencies, telecommunications over phone for the support and used as a storage systems of all data’s and this is been done as a prior generation process for the security purpose of your business which is most important of all.

Sixth Star colocation data center hosting in Chennai infrastructure has been constructed with the most advanced and dependable technologies which are available in the industry to provide the best solution to fulfill your requirements, and as a result, we have been constantly acknowledged by many organizations as one of the most reliable hosting companies and best quality data center hosting provider in the world.

Every single data centre hosting in India and Server Colocation in Chennai is designed to take benefit of industry-leading Green Design Standards, providing stable temperature emission, humidity control and airflow supervision for data centre hosting protection and energy efficiency.

Based on architectural and climate considerations to satisfy the Green Design Standards, each Colocation datacenter hosting in Chennai includes a combination of the following features:

Flexible Architecture

Our data centre infrastructure maintains a flexible architecture for integrated IT, high-end hardware applications and services.

High Scale Data Storage

To provide the required and increasing volumes of enterprise data we maintain storage systems that support remote storage, archiving, accessibility and scalability features.

Electrical Power

Continues power supply with UPS backup and gas and turbine energy is installed under our domain. Also, we have fully N+ 1 redundant backup system across the domain.

Data Security

To maintain data security and to avoid losses we will distribute the data’s to different multiple computers across various locations.

Add-ons & On-Demand Scalability

You can avail the services immediately at the requested time. With our reliable service, we give on-demand services and add-on for less pay.


With enterprise-class infrastructure, we maintain perfect networking solutions and deploy redundant Cisco and other components to avoid component failures. All the services will be of reduced cost, scalable and of with simple IT management features.

Other than this, inside our data centres, we have features like,

  • Air Side Economization
  • Water Side Economization
  • Cold Isle Containment
  • Demand Based Cooling
  • Ultra High-Efficiency UPS
  • Ducted Return Air Plenums
  • Variable Frequency Drive Motors
  • Flexible, Scalable and Fully Managed

Data Center Hosting in India with managed servers provides the ease of use and security for many organizations to build a fully managed solution that addresses their unique business requirements and satisfies all their Security standards.

A dedicated data centre hosting server is additionally a suitable segment of an IT solution for situations that include any of the following attributes:

  • Regulatory compliance of specific applications (PCI, HIPAA)
  • Need for Full Root Access
  • High disk I/O
  • High memory or CPU requirements
  • Limited in-house IT infrastructure or resources

Organizations with steady traffic rate and predictable resource requirements can often realize cost efficiencies by using datacenter hosting managed servers from anywhere in India. Since dedicated hosting managed servers are physical hardware, the monthly investment is often a fixed cost, allowing for easier budgeting.