Email Purge Policy


This policy is maintained by Sixth Star to authorize steps to our customers in the removal of emails when their account exceeds. This removal of emails can be from various locations in the system say Sent Items, Junk folder, and Trash folders. Thus introducing this policy to the customer will increase their security level when it comes to database storages reducing corruption. Therefore Automatic Purging will safeguard the customer’s databases and help in alerting and limiting the disk space with reduced corruption.

Also, this purging policy is applicable only to resellers and shared windows hosting clients.

Deleted items

We will provide a deleted items folder on a server to save all those files which been deleted previously. This folder is given a capacity of 30 MB and once the folder starts saving all those deleted files and exceeds its limit, the older emails will be deleted accordingly. Also, these deleted emails can be restored once and it takes a long process to do it manually too.

Junk items

The SPAM emails are stored in the junk folder. This folder is similar to the deleted item folder with the same capacity of 30 MB. The Junk folder also does the same when the folder exceeds its capacity. We advise you to check the folder often to check the emails.


Create an automatic file to a particular directory on your computer or a new folder in the mailbox to maintain the emails being deleted. You can choose this way to save your emails for further purpose but we recommend to do before the indicated dates.