Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is where you will share a portion of the physical server among multiple customers. Here the resources are shared among the web server.
If you own a small or medium-sized business on the internet then shared hosting is the best solution.
In Sixthstar technologies shared web hosting packages allow the usage of MS FrontPage, Telnet, SSH, File Manager through which you can upload the files.
It is based on the server package you choose. Usually, it comes with the dedicated IP address.
You can configure the settings of ASP.NET applications. This XML document gives the information about the web configuration and this configuration is used to redirect the website. Also, it is not mandatory to use it. If there is any mistake it results in an error. This is for windows hosting. If you have Linux, then “.htaccess” files are used for redirecting. If you are not familiar with any of these contact our support team at
Yes, you can transfer it easily. Change your DNS setting to do it.
Simply download the files and upload them to our server using FTP client or any publisher.
We are available for chats, emails and calls for 24/7. You can reach us at any time for any issues or queries.
YES! All our packages of shared hosting come with unlimited domain facility. You need to pay a little more to have this configuration
You will be provided with 99.99% of uptime guarantee for all the shared hosting plans. You can check our SLA to know more about it.
Yes. We offer protection like firewall and Spam Assassins to protect.
No. We will provide backup for all and you can restore them at any time. Check the SLA to know about it.
YES! You can upgrade it at any time.
No, we don’t offer it. You possibly do everything with your CPanel setting.
No, you can’t do this. This can be done with our reseller hosting packages. Check it to know more.
Yes, we 30 days Money Back Guarantee option.
Our hosting plans are pre-defined and have the upgrading facility. You can upgrade them at any time immediately once requested.
The refund option is applicable only for first-time installers who claim for it within 1 week. Other than that, no amount will be transferred.
We offer both CPanel and Plesk for shared hosting. You can choose them based on the requirements.
Yes, all the servers have 100% SSD storage.
We do a daily backup to safeguard your information. You can check our service level agreement with the backup facility.
Yes, we provide Softaculous installer where you can install applications within minutes.
Once the payment is issued, your account will be activated within minutes.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, RuPay, American Express, and Discover.
We provide both Windows and Linux operating systems. You can choose the plan according to it.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud server hosting enables you to experience the benefits of a dedicated server while reducing your monthly investment. With a cloud server, you could gain the advantage of both the virtual and dedicated server where you can share the expense of acquiring the server hardware and network connections with reduced cost maintenance.
The cloud server is created by using virtualization process on a physical server which in turn creates “virtual machines” and these will have the physical host. Each of them posses dedicated RAM, CPU, and everything that accounts to create a server. Also, the server has the hard disk space capability which allows the virtual machine to move between different servers to keep optimum performance of the website.
All the cloud hosting accounts are setup once the verification has been processed. Verification will be done on the same business day and this can take about an hour or few minutes.
Of course! You can upgrade from any cloud server plan to any other cloud hosting package. If you wish to upgrade utilizing the same operating system i.e. Windows or Linux of the same version Sixth Star can upgrade your cloud server whilst maintain your original files and settings. Please call us before making your upgrade choice if you need more information.
Yes, cloud server hosting is safe for your business. It is as secure as traditional hardware-based hosting offering the opportunity for increased levels of security.
Cloud Servers offer greater flexibility than a dedicated server. Cloud servers can be created in few minutes, easily scalable, and can be deleted whenever you wish. You only pay for what you use and there are no long-term commitments.
You can install all web-based applications, software, and utilities within the cloud server hosting environment without any moderations. If you have particular software to be run on the cloud server, contact us and we will assist you.
Yes, private IP’s is available and if not assigned call our team. Also, you can call us to assign extra IP if you wish to have.
YES! You can. Each server is capable of running the standard firewall called some even have it pre-configured.
If you are in need of any consultation of choosing your package or to grab any technical knowledge you can reach our technical support team at
Yes, if you have chosen a managed service.
Yes, we have DNS where will maintain all your domain records.
Yes, you can get. Contact our team to do further.
Yes, you can reboot the server.
In Sixth Star we are bound to serve you for 24/7. We will maintain and protect your server at level best.
For a monthly payment, you will be invoiced with an email for the service you have used or it will be automatically deducted by us.
Yes, we provide backups and also backup on a daily process. You can call us regarding this or check our SLA to know more about it.
First, sign in and buy our server then you can log in and can easily transfer your requirements within minutes.
Yes, you can install OS as you wish.
Yes, you can upgrade to additional storage by contacting us.
You will have speed up to 1Gbit since it operates at s-port.
We have tier 3 data centres located at various geographical locations designed with redundant power and security which doesn’t lead to any failures.
No. Your performance will be stable and doesn’t impact any hindrances.
Yes, you can get it. We provide backup for daily, weekly, monthly you can choose any of them.
The amount of time depends on the volume of your information or files.

Dedicated Hosting

The Dedicated Server Hosting environment gives a selective server or servers dedicated singularly to your site. In this hosting clients can get a complete control that allows customization. This server is ideal for large websites that receive high traffic or in need of a unique hosting setup that requires high security.
Once you have rented the entire physical server you will get the access to all the resources totally within it. Since you have customization facilities you can modify or update your CPU type, OS, RAM and storage.
Dedicated is an entire single server whereas shared is a portion of it. Rather sharing a part of resources among others you can choose the dedicated server where you have entire access to all resources.
Unmanaged hosting is where you will receive a blank server and all the technical side and security should be handled by yourself whereas in managed hosting you will have a professional team who will handle all the technical parts to keep it secure and reliable.
Usually, it will automatically connect at 100Mbps but we provide speed up to 1Gbps as an addition to all our packages. The network will be completely redundant and has expandable bandwidth capability.
It is a safe and secure option that has high uptime and is vulnerable to hacking thereby reducing the hardware and software repairs. They are completely optimized for better performance among other servers and give scalability features for upgrading purposes.
Email accounts are unlimited with features like auto-responders, Spam Assassins, aliasing etc. Currently, we provide EXIM software.
We will set bandwidth based on your requirements for each month. Incoming bandwidth is checked once your usage exceeds.
You can host as many you can since we provide unlimited service for domains.
Each dedicated server comes with the HDD drives with the additional cost that can be added to safeguard your storage documents or files. We also provide backups script if you wish to store it any third party storage.
RAID 1 is the type installed for all the customers. We also provide pre-installed RAID to some of our server types.
Dell and Lenovo certified servers are used. They are bought only after checking their factory performance and efficiency.
You can install any type of software into the server with the root access. If any software insists to enter the license key then you must purchase and apply.
You can add them either in the CPanel or can create a new package with WHM to develop a new separate CPanel for each website.
Within few seconds after purchasing you can request us for the root access and we will provide it at that instant.
We provide support and monitoring for 24/7/365 to safeguard and protect the servers. You can check our data centre facilities to know more about it.
Once the payment is over the delivery time will be started. This time is just estimation only and doesn’t bind to any legitimacy.
The set-up fee is free at the time of installation.
Once you receive the server you can order the other resources through our support team.
It is based on the server type you use. Try to check for the compatibility once you place the order.
Throughout the subscription period, your servers will be well maintained with 24/7 support. We will replace it soon if it gets damaged.
IP’s will be recycled if any failover occurs. If the IP is moved to another server it is not possible.
You can remove them by using the control panel settings.
Choose it according to your client’s geographical locations. We have 6 co-location data centres across the world.
Of course! But additional charges applied.
You are requested to provide a security certificate. Mostly, the process has some trouble in requesting for a security declaration so we charge a little for this process.
Yes, you can! Contact our support team at to upgrade the services.
Yes, we give 99.99% of uptime guarantee for servers. You can check our SLA certificate for your reference.
You can sign it with no obligations and can use the entire resources present. The only thing that differs is the period.
a) The cost b) Security c) Bandwidth d) Trust in the knowledge and integrity e) Support services f) Network Speed and Uptime

VPS Hosting

The VPS server has both the configuration of dedicated and shared server i.e. as a dedicated server it has a virtual independent environment and as a shared one it shares the resources of the server. Also, the server will not interface with the other hardware or file system rather it will send requests through queues and manages interpretation.
VPS is always a better choice. If you own a shared server and wanted an alternate as dedicated then VPS is a perfect solution that can fit your requirements. They are affordable compared to another hosting. They are highly secured too.
Our data centres are equipped with latest tech hardware’s and software’s and are connected to Ethernet. So the speed will be in gigabits and are redundant.
There are innumerous benefits in VPS to list, but there are few that top such as high security, reliability, customization, ease of usage, affordability etc. Also, you can install OS of your preference and can remove software for better-optimized performance.
Yes, you can get a dedicated IP address at the sixth star.
Of course! You can customize it according to your need and can install or remove applications. You will be provided with the root access facility to modify your server based on the requirements.
VPS gives you a virtualized environment as well as shared hosting features where resources are shared on a particular server. Whereas in the shared hosting, you will not have an independent server.
YES, you can upgrade your resources at any time you want. Reach our support team at for further details.
Yes, you can register or transfer at easy steps to your new VPS account at any time.
If your website is receiving a high traffic or you need to customize applications or to increase your security level but not willing to invest more, then VPS is the best choice.
Yes, VPS provides good security keeping your information and applications protected within its own independent environment.
Utilization is an added advantage in VPS hosting since you have a root access you can remove or install as per your requirement enhancing the performance of your site.
Yes, VPS is cheap compared to another hosting service.
Yes, with root access you can customize it as you wish.
Once the payment is verified through email or phone, your account will be set up on the same business day.
Yes, we offer trial pack for 30 days. You can check our VPS hosting packages for further reference.
We accept Visa, RuPay, American Express, Discover, cheques and bank transfers.
Yes, we offer 99.99% uptime guarantee based on the SLA.
CentOS and Apache web server are offered with VPS in Sixth Star. You can choose them according to your requirement.
We offer both managed and unmanaged services. Managed service is where all the technical part is handled by our professionals whereas in unmanaged you will receive a blank server where you have to optimize it according to your requirement.
You can configure the iptables rules to secure your server.
You can connect to your desktop or through SSH.
Yes, you can have additional storage. Call us to proceed further.
We do daily backups and can restore it once you request. Kindly check our SLA to know more backup procedures.
Yes, we will but only for first-time installers. Check our policy condition for further information.
Our entire VPS packages come with one dedicated IP.
Simply contact our team members through email or calls and they will do the rest.
Yes, we provide Softaculous installers to your package where you can download applications within few minutes.
Yes, you can get it. Contact our sales or support team at the time of order to state your requirement.
In Sixth Star we offer 24/7 support service and maintenance. You can reach us at any time.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting is where a user will rent a particular drive space and bandwidth from a hosting provider and then rents this place to the third parties enhancing their small business. In simple, you can become an entrepreneur renting your place to your own clients as if you are a web hosting company. This hosting can be the best for the small business individuals and for web developers who aspire to become a reputed brand around.
Here are the steps to be followed to obtain the reseller hosting, 1. Find a good hosting company. 2 Select the package from the host that meets your requirements. 3. Know the need for your customer and set the target market. 4. Create packages for your customer. 5. Post the packages on websites and sell it. 6. Earn as you sell.
1. You can become an entrepreneur and get to act as a hosting company and can make money. 2. You can able to design packages that are tailored to your own business and clients 3. You can host and bill your customers enhancing your brand reputation 4. You can provide independent CPanel for each client 5. Invest low and you can scale higher.
1. Disc Space 2. Bandwidth 3. Domain Hosting 4. Latest CPanel control panel 5. Premium support service
The speciality of this hosting is that you can sale and run your business with your own brand name bannered everywhere. So they will believe it’s you and you can take total control over it promoting your brand and at any cause, if you face any technical issues we will help you quickly.
Your hosting provider (us) will handle all the back-end works keeping your mind healthy and peacefully. From server management, administration, network performance, connectivity to security we will handle everything so you can focus on your core business. Moreover, anytime technical support will be issued.
Yes! You can upgrade your account as per your requirements and demands grow higher. You can contact us or mail us to fulfil the request through
Never! We will not reach your clients in any instance and the deal will be offered and contacted between you and us.
Yes, you can create through your CPanel and there will no obligation from our side.
The set-up procedure will be easy to process. Once you select, register and pay your package will be ready.
In windows reseller hosting you will be provided with unlimited domains, FTP accounts, databases, SSL, and a dedicated IP address.
Yes, you can handle multiple domains in your account.
Yes, there are choices for the package. You can choose them according to your requirement based on the domains, disk space, storage etc.
Yes, you can migrate it easily through simple steps.
Yes, we will provide 99.99% of uptime. You can check our SSL to know more.
They will be given a CPanel/Plesk to manage it individually.
Yes, we will provide a Softaculous installer that will help you to install applications within minutes.
You can get a profitable income by reselling your space to your customers at whatever price you fix.
You can do it with your reseller control panel since you have a complete access to their accounts.
It is based on the choice that you make at the time of provisioning.
You and your client will be offered with this service. So if any of your clients wanted to register reach us and we will handle the rest.
Yes, for securing some critical data’s or you can purchase any new private SSL from us.
Yes, there will be a separate control panel.
You can request us to add SSL package to your server. We will do it as soon as possible.
Yes, you are provided with 100% SSD storage.