HR Management and Payroll Software Provider in Chennai

Sixth Star Technologies, we are one of the leading Payroll software providers in Chennai. Our Payroll Software clients not only from Chennai, all over India in all major metros including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Sixth Star Technologies also have the international clients’ from Malaysia and Germany. Payroll Process software may assist to classify and provider used to provide streamline systems so that the general ledger that is cut down and it is kept accurate and up to date without deadly and time consuming manual best accounting.

Our Payroll software is advanced software developed by our technical experts. Sixth Star Technologies Payroll Software is very flexible and user-friendly. And it is the most widespread HR and Payroll Software. Our software system automates all Payroll activities like the management of Leave and Attendance, Timesheet, HR and Statutory Modules. Sixth Star Technologies Payroll software system features a complete range of Self Service software system module sanctioning all types of employees to perform all activities in an economical manner.

The task of payroll becomes complicated in today's industries due to manifold constitutional necessities, MIS requirements, calculations based on slabs, formulas and other HR policies. Being Payroll as one of the significant tasks of HR, the opportunities are growing rapidly for the position of HR and it is necessary for everyone who is dreaming of an HR job or for the position of an Accountant in a company or firm to study the entire process of Payroll. Sixth Star Technologies Payroll Software through the ESS Module provides the option for all employees to enter Tax Declarations, Proofs, compensation Bills, upload Claims bills and much more.

Every organization needs Payroll software, our payroll Software has been specially developed with the consideration of Indian salary basis. Sixth Star Technologies Payroll Software is integrated with Sixth Star Technologies HR Software so that both HR and Payroll are seamlessly incorporated.

Basic Key Features

  • Designed for Windows XP / Vista / Win 2000 or above
  • Customization facility of Reports
  • Complete leave management, HR details Management
  • Compatible with ERP / Accounting Solutions
  • Powerful and supple managerial Structure Module
  • No modification required for general requirements
  • Multi User / User Level Access
  • Minimum User Entry
  • Powerful and Flexible commerce Logic to suit any kind of business