Dedicated Linux server Hosting

Sixthstar Technologies provides support to meet your needs for designing, implementing and maintaining Linux systems, and with strong ties to the Linux open Source development community, Sixthstar Technologies in Chennai, India has clearly recognized as the Dedicated Linux server Hosting maintenance leader.

We are a One Stop Source for all Open Source Needs for any Organization. We provide cost-effective business ready solutions on services and subscription model using Linux and Open Source. Whether your servers are hosted with third parties or are located in your office, whether you require contracted unlimited support services or hourly support services, you’ll receive exceptional server support at all times by our experts in Dedicated Hosting Server Peoples.

When it comes to Dedicated Linux servers Hosting, the situation is no different: simply put, the only certain way of maintaining uptime, preserving system security and ensuring service availability is to utilize a server management solution. Our technical services are provided over a range of nix-based platforms, including most common variants of Linux (such as Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and others), as well as FreeBSD.

Sixthstar Technologies invites you to explore the specifics on the services we offer; for your convenience, they are summarized below. Nonetheless, should you have any question about any aspect of our products, support, services or maintenance, please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to promptly answer your inquiry.

Mail Server
  • Mail distribution
  • Web mail
  • Unlimited email ID's
  • Auto responders
Proxy Server
  • Block downloads
  • Log analysis tool
  • Authenticated users
  • Transparent Proxy
Security Server
  • Anti Virus
  • Anti Spam
  • Personnel Firewall
  • Customize the Firewall
FTP Server
  • Authenticate clients logging
  • Share one or more file systems
  • Share printers across
  • Assist clients
Chat Server
  • Multi User chat
  • Immediate response
  • More efficient
  • Rugged chat service
Apache Server
  • Website Hosting
  • Secure Transactions
  • Database Integration
  • CGI Configuration

Features are endless, we request you to Contact Us today for more details.