Best Payroll Software Provider in Bangalore

An organization’s plain sailing is based on the pay roll processing and for this purpose, Sixth Star Technologies in Bangalore offers you a best and effective pay roll software to handle all the data’s. This payroll software can be configured according to the company’s policies and it can be used via the internet or by intranet, also employee can view their pay slip through internet by their identity access and can do online investment and reimbursements.

We provide you an affordable software where you can manage all the information in a single application.

Payroll Software Benefits

This software will reduce the manual retention and helps in time conservation for maintaining,

  • - Employee information
  • - Salary details, transactions
  • - PF reports,ESI reports, HR reports
  • - Attendance calculation
  • - Statutory reports
  • - Income tax calculations
We Offer Payroll Software For
  • - Finance department
  • - HR department
  • - Statutory compliances

Also, the software is easy is to operate since it is built by Microsoft dot net technology.

Key Features Of Payroll Software

Our payroll software will benefit you in reducing the risk factors among employee and are rich in fast data transfer. Some of the software features are given below,

  • - Efficient Management of Employee Information
  • - Handles payments, deductions, leave of an employee
  • - Pay-Slip can be viewed through internet access
  • - Manage the Payroll Processes
  • - Import and export data faster
  • - Manages Security

We also provide master creation, system configuration, and flexible salary tool with formula, monitoring systems, remainder tools for appraisal and many more features.

Our Sixth Star Technologies not only engraves in featuring the best web hosting service but are also evident in providing the payroll software with the best-inbuilt features.

Don’t worry about any crisis. Lay back and relax. We are there to help you efficiently!