Privacy Policy

The below-stated policies are embodiedwith information adhering promising commitment to our customers by safeguarding and respecting their individual privacy. And these detailed formatsare known and true to our knowledge and we request you to read them carefully concerning your safety.

How we collect the information

Personal Information – Information’s we gather from a customeris solely based on the service we provide them. The personal details include your name, address, phone numbers, emails, payment options, card information, the name of the domain etc. this information is acquired to provide you products which you have purchased from us. If the payment is via card your safety is enhanced by sending the information to the card provider. All your information’s are protected under safe and secured browsers.

Social Media – Our website includes social media options (“Facebook like”) and this helps us to gather information about IP address of the visiting customers and all these features are hosted directly on our website. All these interactions are controlled by the privacy policy of the company providing the feature.

How we use the information

Personal Information – We will analyze and discuss the data’s that are collected from you to provide you services at best. This information helps us to determine your requirement in the market and we take responsibility in promoting services or support for your welfare. For the ad purpose of promoting our services in websites, we will use your information indirectly to create aggregate profiles and thereby protect it. We ensure to provide precaution in safeguarding and preventing your profiles from unauthorized access. And if there is any requirement to know about your account details then additionally you are requested to provide another identity information forms. We also use this information to email you about our product and service arrivals.

Log Files – Log files helps us keep tracking our customer’s page visit, interests through IP address information. These IP address doesn’t track your entire personal details instead it gives the information about access to websites during website browsing. This broad log file information’s about customers are collected for the aggregate purpose only.

To who we disclose the information’s

We will not disclose your personal information to any other third parties at any occurrences unless they are a reputed one by us. This information is protected legally and shared only with our partners and vendors who are in hand with us. To be specific we have detailed about it below,

Partners – We will share your personal information’s to our trusted partners or vendors who share a part of providing hosting service to you along with us by additional amenities. This information is disclosed to them since they provide service to you. Also, we may disclose aggregate information’s to reputed third parties who follows and agrees to sign our legal agreement embodied to safeguard your confidential information.

Service Providers – As a hosting provider we may share your information with the third parties who get in hand with us to provide our whole service or shared a part in providing service to you. We assure that they will maintain it confidential and doesn’t disclose the information for their personal reference or marketing procedures.

Advertisements – We won’t disclose your personal information to any advertisers rather we create online advertisements and share our customer’s non-identifying information with certain advertisers. We also display a tailored advertisement to a particular category (Ex. Gender, age) with our collected data.

Domain name registrations – It is required to disclose your details while creating a domain to the ICANN registry to make it functional on the internet. It requires your name, address and all other personal information with your domain name and its registration date and expiration date. Considering your privacy policy we will refer this information to you by intimating as ‘WHOIS’ information. Also, note that we don’t take responsibility and can’t control the actions of the public towards this information.

Also, we will disclose this information when a legal formality is required i.e. if found any miscellaneous content or fraud is attempted.


We will prevent your data’s and information’s are under our control without loss or misuse. All the information that is collected through online is stored and safeguarded manually or electronically in a safe server by us. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to protect your financial details and data’s.

Reseller information

These below terms apply only to resellers,

Collected Information – We have a set of collected information about our reseller’s client including their personal details but we don’t share any type of bond with those clients. If the reseller client request to access or delete any kind of information the request should be processed by the reseller ONLY. If the reseller sends or requests any process to be done (like deleting an account or accessing) to us we will proceed forward.

Alternate – If you are one of our reseller’s customer and not willing to continue the service you are requested to contact the particular reseller who provides you goods and services.

Data Use – The client data which we collect from the reseller including the reseller’s information will be retained as long as we provide service. We use this personal informationif required to deal legally or suspected in any act of violations in the terms and policies.

Change in policies

Pleasenote that the above given policies can be changed, revised or deleted at any instances and we reserve all rights to do it. If there are changes made or occurred we will provide information with advance notice.Please review this page for the latest information.

Payment issues

Any outstanding invoices without settlement will be verified and we have full rights to terminate the server or alter the administrative password. We will suspend the current and all previously existing services without any prior information. No new services or other products are been provided until clearing the pending payment.

Data Protection

For European clients - For clients across the European region, all the personal data like collection, store, use and retention will be in accordance with stated privacy rights and regulations of EU Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament. The processing of your personal data by Sixth Star will be in accordance with the GDPR policies since we adhere to requirements of security, data integrity, transfers and enforcement.