Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The service level agreement is provided to assure that all our customers will receive an exceptional level of service from our behalf. This agreement guarantees that all our service will be best when it comes to uptime, performance and resource availabilities. Also, note that this SLA is applicable only to the present customers who are in a deal with us.

1. Uptime guarantee

We provide 99.98% uptime guarantee to all our services provided including email hosting plans. If any disruption or interruption is caused like power loss or network failure during the server operation causing downtime our staffs will immediately look into the problem to make it normal as soon as possible.

2. Support

We are committed to providing excellent support with handful professionals to all customers and handle their website and other services carefully. We provide support for 24/7/365 to every customer and you can reach and solve the issues as quickly as possible through any mode of communication. All your critical and non-critical issues will be cleared within a short period.

3. Data protection

Concerning your privacy, we take responsibility in safeguarding all your data’s. We don’t use any of your information to make our business success rather administrating and collecting usage details through it. In such cases, you can refer our privacy policies to know about it from our website.

4. Cancellation and Suspensions

Every customer reserves all rights to cancel his/her services with us. Also, there won’t be any refund or compensation if the subscription is cancelled for a paid month. In some cases, the amount will be refunded if the subscription is cancelled within 2-3 days of activation excluding all the other charges. If the service is cancelled for an annual package then the credit will be disclosed as a monthly payment for you, which is then deducted from annual payment.

Also, the cancellation or suspension is applied to the customers who fail to pay the service fee and if the suspension is processed then you might pay the restoration fee to renew back. Apart from these, customers who send Bulk emails (SPAM), copyright infringement, or violation of any terms and conditions will be legally faced with the termination of an account.

5. Maintenance

We guarantee in providing maintenance to all the services provided to our customers. If any of the disruptions occur in our data centers the customers will be notified in advance. And the normal services rewind as quick as possible.

6. Service disruption by customers

We can’t stay liable if found any service outages by customers and you will be charged for those actions materially or legally. Customers must know the limitations of usage when it comes to configuration and server settings and it is up to you to be at your own risk by those actions. Some of the mischief includes web page deletions, overrides etc. and if sorted you be charged to pay the amount based on the service provided.

7. Server backups

We do server backups to all the websites and applications handled by us. And we do wide network backups once in a week to safeguard your business data’s.

8. Change in agreement policies

This agreement will be ineffective always and can be changed at all any occurrence and we reserve all rights to change it. And it’s your responsibility to review the website and to check the emails to know the forthcoming followings.

9. Disclaimer

We take no responsibility if found any electronic content or files in the customer website or in other websites and we will not be liable in refunding or compensating for issues that are not specifically identified in any of the above terms and policies.