Terms & Conditions

The given terms and conditions must be acknowledged by all the customers and we request you to follow the service policies and guidelines carefully. Each of our services will be legitimate and we ensure you to provide the best exceeding your expectation. Also, note that these conditions and policies will be updated or changed at any time or occurrence. So, we request you to go through them properly.

Domain Name Registration

Check for the availability of your domain names as requested and confirm it. We will verify your registered domain names if any complaint arises since we don’t guarantee that you will acquire your preferred domain name. We will assure to refund the money within 10 days if not provided with the domain names. Kindly contact our team immediately to inquire unless otherwise it will not be noticed.

Service Availability and Delivery

Our services will be prompt and available with full security. Once you purchase or buy a product or service from us we will deploy it on the same business day or maximum the next day. All your login credentials or other accessing details will be emailed to your registered account once the payment procedure is completed if not, contact our billing team immediately. If at any cause, there is a delay in delivering we will inform you prior to reasons and intimate the step by step delivery process.

Likewise, we reserve all right to suspend or terminate your services without any notice at any time if you violate any of our policies. For example, our services state that you should not transfer your account to any third parties at any occurrence and if found we will not be liable and cancel your account immediately.

Money back guarantee

You will be provided with 30 days money back guarantee of all server services. If you are a first-time installer you will be provided with a trial month to examine the service and can terminate or deactivate the account within that period. If the account is deactivated within 30 days as prescribed earlier, the refund will be issued. Also, note that the refund is only for the hosting fees not for any other charges like administrative or installation charges.

Backup’s and Data loss

We will provide daily and weekly backups for your files and databases on your request. It is solely your responsibility to maintain backups and all the files that are stored on the server. We take no responsibility if any data loss occurs on your side and solicit to handle files and data’s properly.
If at any event, you face data loss you can request us and we will provide the stored details till the last day we backed up.


You should agree to indemnify, secure, repay and hold harmless of the company and its directories from and against claims, controls, liabilities, assertions from a third party, expenses and other -like involving or disobeying any terms and conditions if not the particular account will be terminated.

Entire Agreement

The entire agreement including the terms, policies, guidelines, and rules in this website is between us and we request you to follow this accordingly. If any of the terms mentioned are seen unfamiliar or unenforceable, we will explain each of them with applicable law and the intentions of the association.

Billing and Payment Information

1. Pre-payment – It’s your responsibility to be aware of the payments and settle it in advance. Also, ensure that all the payment information is up to date and are paid on time.

2. Auto-renewal – You agree that until you notify us to cancel the services, we will continue to provide it. You may be billed for the service but not obliged by us and we will not automatically renew for the service provided using your card information unless you notify us.

3. Taxes – All the amount details specified for each package are only for the service and not applied to any sales, revenue or tax. If included we will add to your invoice to be paid as a separate charge.

4. Late payment or Non-payment – If the customer has not paid the invoice within the due date, we have full authority to block the server or terminate the root access and will suspend the current and all previously existing services without giving any prior notification. No new services or other products are been provided until clearing the pending payment.

5. Fraud – If suspected any fraud in the payment process like misusing the credit cards, electronic fund transfers etc. we will immediately take action over it by informing the higher governmental or legal authorities, credit card services, and providers.

6. Invoice disputes – If you are unaware of any payments refer and call our billing department immediately.

7. Price change – We reserve all rights to change any prices at any occurrences and before we do that we will intimate you through notices or emails about the billing configuration. It’s your responsibility to check and review the billing details through any mode of communication.

No spam policy

Bulk emails and messages over the internet are strictly prohibited since it affects other user and also it can overload the network and slow down the server. Also, open SMTP relay must be avoided and there won’t be any refund provided.

Disclaimer and warranty

At no occurrence, we and our suppliers express any implied warranties to any of our services provided. To extend, we will disclaim implied warranties that the service is merchantable, fit particular need or non-fringing. Also, we and our supplier don’t guarantee any services that it will be effective meeting your requirements.