Windows Server 2000

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Features of Windows 2K Server Unavailable on Windows NT

Windows 2000 Server offers a wide array of proven features unavailable on Microsoft's Windows NT servers. These include:

  • Windows 2K Server, Windows Advanced Server, and Microsoft's Windows Datacenter Server are the foundation for all .NET application servers
  • Windows 2K Server adds to the core dependability of Microsoft's Windows NT operating system that was initially released in 1993, and which powers hundreds of millions of applications globally
  • Significantly reduced management costs as a result of the ability to run PCs, notebooks and servers with the identical core operating system
  • Administration and security utilities to lower the expense and enhance the reliability of Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP desktop workstations by utilizing centralized user policies, rights and configurations. Keeping unauthorized users from putting programs on their notebook or desktop PC, or even prohibiting them from web connectivity for users that have no business with such tools, can be a huge productivity gain for both your users and your IT support group.
  • In comparison with prior generations of Windows, such as Windows NT, Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server is a very robust platform to host line-of-business programs
  • An integrated protection and password model that builds upon a uniform directory structure provides seamless and safe access for local clients, mobile or off-site users, telecommuters, and web users
  • Greatly improved server and workstation administrative tools that reduce the burden of supporting servers and desktops, freeing IT personnel to improve the service quality and responsiveness to clients
  • Broad hardware and application compatibility thanks to being the “Standard” operating system
  • High quality accommodation for remote access users, at-home workers, and virtual users, and especially for users that are sometimes working at the office but require the identical level of productivity when they are on the road. Features like offline server folders give users transparent availability of data even when they are working offline
  • Fault tolerance features, including disk mirroring, distributed files, and cluster configurations, maximize server availability and user efficiency

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