Yelp Reviews

Negative Review Repair (YELP):

Negative reviews on Yelp we receive can be very bad for small local businesses and it can be cost for the businessman a lot of income.

Yelp a social networking review website launched in 2004. And its main business model is based on the user generated reviews for the local businesses. Yelp door Yelp uses a 5 star rating systems and it has mechanisms to improve and stop spammers from posting false reports or business owners from creating five star reports for themselves. You may often to see whether filtered reports on Yelp that do not show up but that can still be review by click a link on the bottom of the page. The score from the filter reports will not add up in your overall ratings.

Based on some research and experimentation that we have done the filtered reviews are often applicable to the users who have accounts were follow newly and are not very active. For example lack of friends and profile picture are some reasons the review may get filter.

Then it has also been said that Yelp purposely displays more negative reviews unless you will pay to become an advertiser on any of the website. Many business owners claim that they have been told by Yelp sales people that unless they advertise with them to their positive reviews will be removed. Although we do not know that anyone who has experienced this issues we do know that there have been a several law suits against Yelp regarding this issue but Yelp has been able to win all of them.

Sixthstar Technologies improve your Yelp reputation

Why Choose SixthStar’s Incoming SPAM Filter?

  • Sixthstar will review your current negative Yelp reviews to see if they go against Yelp Content Guidelines and Terms of Services and will contact Yelp on your behalf. Our experienced staff know every single Yelp Guideline and know how prepare letters to send to Yelp to achieves a positive outcomes.
  • Sixthstar Technologies can trying to resolve this issues by acting as a mediator between your company and the authors of bad reviews.
  • If a defamatory false reviews posted Sixthstar can send them cease and desist letter on your behalf directly or using our attorneys. Although not recommended due to high cost Sixth Star Technologies can introduce you to our business defamation for attorneys for further advice and filing lawsuits even if the reviewer identity is not known a lawsuit can still be filed and then records of Yelp to try to track down the reviewer. Many times in cases of fake reviews in any situation you may get not show of the defendant and you may get a default judgment and a removal order which you can then send to Yelp to get the review removed.
  • Sixthstar Technologies will consult with your company to provide the plans for you and recommend that can improve your Yelp ratings over the time. Our plans help you not only with Yelps but also with the many other review sites and we sixthstar technologies helps to remove negative yelp reviews.

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