Zimbra Mail Server

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is an open source platform comprising features that help the enterprise to operate at its level best. With Zimbra, you can have an innovative messaging experience via email along calendar and collaboration solution both for the private and public cloud.

Sixth Star as a Zimbra hosting provider provides mail server with the updated version allowing complete access for your enterprise email, calendars, contacts, file sharing, and conference calls through any device control with Ajax web interface. This interface allows customers to easily handle and navigate the operation with easy tools, drag and drops and right click features. Apart from this features, the mail server comes with advanced search capability, data relations, authoring features, Zimlet under full administration access.

Zimbra email features

Since Zimbra comes with an upgraded version of v8.8 it is inherited with new technology advancements making a level-high in user experience. Here we have listed few features that make your enterprise work efficiently.

  • Zimbra talk: This allows you to make enterprise level chat and make video conferencing in your email without any third party installation along file/screen sharing, corporate messaging etc.
  • Zimbra Drive: In the upgraded version you can share and sync files immediately without any delay. You can share numerous files to your users using any device.
  • Backup/restoration: Zimbra allows you to backup and restores in real time with split-second precision. It can backup as well as save disk space up to 50% since they are well compressed. You can restore your data based on the time period or as a whole at the event of data crash.
  • Hierarchical storage management: You can manage multiple volumes and can also add and expand your Zimbra server without a reduced performance by dividing I/O into different storage forms.
  • Mobile sync: Now you can manage, view data and sync new data are along with other stored data easily. Activate your Exchange ActiveSync protocol to easily access your data’s through mobile phones.
  • Delegated admins: You can now have and allow your users to have complete delegated admins to perform management tasks easily. You can also keep track of the actions and domain status with reporting features.
  • IMAP: In the upgraded version the Zimbra server allows IMAP services to run separately and no longer affects the SLA. You can enjoy email filtering using IMAP.
  • Authentication: This makes you mailbox extra secure by providing a physical layer to safeguard your data’s along safe login credentials.
  • SSL: Here you can handle multiple domains with HTTPS access under the same IP address and port number.
  • Zimbra Post screen: This Postscreen keeps spam bots away and delays overload conditions. Also, it can handle many server processors at the same time.
  • Packaging system: You can now update using OS update commands by applying security patches to the packages and it will be upgraded within minutes.
  • Security features: With cryptographic security service all your authentication process, message integrity and other documents will be protected in encrypted form.
  • Unified Communications Integration: Now you can integrate features using the voice application through the user-interface making communications easier.
  • Archive: This is an optional feature in Zimbra collaboration enables you can archive both delivered and sent messages to search easily.
  • Outlook Sync: Using Zimbra’s MAPI connector you can look into your user’s entire mailbox if he/she uses or work with enterprise email clients like Microsoft Outlook.
  • Exchange Web Services: This feature in Zimbra allows your user to connect to their mailbox of the different operating system.

Our Service

Our knowledgeable experts are well-versed in maintaining the operations of the Zimbra server to provide peerless service at the back-end. The user-level configuration access will be given once you enrol our service. You can change and modify the settings based on your organizational structure.


Monitoring operations like mail queue checking, server running status, mail volumes and available and running space of your mail quota can be viewed here.


Accounts, Distribution lists of emails, domain administration and support features can be managed. This specific management is useful when you want to manage a single user account.


Make server level configurations like mail settings, quota expansion, SSL certificate configuration, per domain settings, or default configuration (Zimlet, Admin extensions).


We make migration of your email data’s and other information easily from another account through or a new one through migration option (Migration wizard)


The files or data are that you have lost due to any server issue or damage will be recovered back to you by our experts.


With tier-3 infrastructure and 24/7 support our experts will guarantee for perfect support along 99.99% uptime maintenance.

RAM Requirements

  • For single server installations, a minimum of 8GB of RAM is required.
  • 5 GB free disk space for software and logs
  • Temp file space for installs and upgrades*
  • Additional disk space for mail storage

System Requirements

  • Intel/AMD 64-bit CPU 1.5 GHz