Zimbra Mail Server

Zimbra mail server is the business class email, calendar and collaboration solution developed for the cloud, both private and public. Zimbra provides the most innovative messaging path that connects end users to the enterprise in their personal cloud. Zimbra’s open source technology known as zimlet clarifies the techniques of adding custom ‘mashups’ in Zimbra webmail client.

Zimbra email hosting at Sixth Star authorizes real-time combination through file sharing, editing, group scheduling, auto messaging, searching etc. Our economical Zimbra mail services and mail server support in chennai are suitable for all types of operating systems. When it comes to a professional email platform, we recognize that all the business needs spam and virus free email server.

Zimbra email features

Since Zimbra comes with an upgraded version of v8.8 it is inherited with new technology advancements making a level-high in user experience. Here we have listed few features that make your enterprise work efficiently.

  • Zimbra talk: This allows you to make enterprise level chat and make video conferencing in your email without any third party installation along file/screen sharing, corporate messaging etc.
  • Zimbra Drive: In the upgraded version you can share and sync files immediately without any delay. You can share numerous files to your users using any device.
  • Backup/restoration: Zimbra allows you to backup and restores in real time with split-second precision. It can backup as well as save disk space up to 50% since they are well compressed. You can restore your data based on the time period or as a whole at the event of data crash.
  • Hierarchical storage management: You can manage multiple volumes and can also add and expand your Zimbra server without a reduced performance by dividing I/O into different storage forms.
  • Mobile sync: Now you can manage, view data and sync new data are along with other stored data easily. Activate your Exchange ActiveSync protocol to easily access your data’s through mobile phones.
  • Delegated admins: You can now have and allow your users to have complete delegated admins to perform management tasks easily. You can also keep track of the actions and domain status with reporting features.
  • IMAP: In the upgraded version the Zimbra server allows IMAP services to run separately and no longer affects the SLA. You can enjoy email filtering using IMAP.
  • Authentication: This makes you mailbox extra secure by providing a physical layer to safeguard your data’s along safe login credentials.
  • SSL: Here you can handle multiple domains with HTTPS access under the same IP address and port number.
  • Zimbra Post screen: This Postscreen keeps spam bots away and delays overload conditions. Also, it can handle many server processors at the same time.
  • Packaging system: You can now update using OS update commands by applying security patches to the packages and it will be upgraded within minutes.
  • Security features: With cryptographic security service all your authentication process, message integrity and other documents will be protected in encrypted form.
  • Unified Communications Integration: Now you can integrate features using the voice application through the user-interface making communications easier.
  • Archive: This is an optional feature in Zimbra collaboration enables you can archive both delivered and sent messages to search easily.
  • Outlook Sync: Using Zimbra’s MAPI connector you can look into your user’s entire mailbox if he/she uses or work with enterprise email clients like Microsoft Outlook.
  • Exchange Web Services: This feature in Zimbra allows your user to connect to their mailbox of the different operating system.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility of AJAX is the key for mail server and all applications must be accessible using keyboard.
  • Mail – Server: LMTP TLS support adds option to make LHLO mandatory in LMTP transactions and includes server attribute to toggle Ctrl-Enter shortcut. Your Local LMTP client should communicate via SSL.
  • Mail - Web Client: The Shared mailbox saves all sent messages to the shared sent folder. Identity of the person when sending mail is available.
  • Mobile - Touch Client: It allows user to read messages using message view and conversational view.


Zimbra Docs

Users can build real-time documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other documents with Zimbra docs in the version of zimbra 8.8.

Zimbra Talk V2

Business level messaging and video conferencing authorization can be purchased for Zimbra network edition with no third party products.

Zimbra Drive

The key features of Zimbra drive are desktop sync, user quota, mobile sync, password protected, support for big files, and storage API support.

Mobile Sync

New mobile module of Zimbra allows you to integrate your Zimbra mailbox and shared folder on any active sync device without third-party clients.

Zimbra Connector For Outlook

Zimbra connector for Outlook allows your users to use Microsoft Outlook to integrate mailbox, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

Exchange Web Services

Admit your users to use Microsoft outlook in Mac OS X to interconnect mailbox, calendar, contacts, and without using additional plugin.


Zimbra Packaging System – Zimbra’s Open source packaging design offers you to reply immediately to newly identified vulnerabilities by updating individual Zimbra components instead of overall Zimbra package.

Integrated And Unified Communication – Unified Communications are developed into Zimbra with new voice application features out-of-box collaboration with Cisco and Mitel UC solutions process via user interface.

Archiving And Discovery – It’s mainly designed for audit and legal purposes. Zimbra Archiving and Discovery feature is optional enables you to archive messages that were delivered to or sent by Zimbra collaboration.


Two-Factor Authentication – Your mailbox will be too secure with the extra login layer because of the two-factor authentication feature which mainly improves email security by user login.

Postscreen for Zimbra MTA Boosts Email Security – Zimbra Postscreen removes more SMTP server processes applicable to clients and delays the onset of server overload conditions by keeping spambots away.

SSL SNI For HTTPS – Zimbra SSL SNI permits the server to provide multiple certificates on same IP address and TCP port number, so multiple hostnames could be served over HTTPS.


Sixth Star’s Zimbra enables you to send highly secured emails and collaboration facilities to the users and compatible with every email client but also offers unique webmail interface for the big screen and also for all mobile, so you never miss a message or appointment or forget a contact details

  • Reliable and Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Explicit interaction with Support Engineer
  • Migration from various platforms like Gmail and Microsoft.
  • Well handled ticketing system offers immediate clarification and solutions to the customer for every issue.
  • 24/7 Online Support.

RAM Requirements

  • For single server installations, a minimum of 8GB of RAM is required.
  • 5 GB free disk space for software and logs
  • Temp file space for installs and upgrades*
  • Additional disk space for mail storage

System Requirements

  • Intel/AMD 64-bit CPU 1.5 GHz