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CPanel Hosting in Chennai

CPanel hosting is one among widely used and industry- standard hosting which makes site management an easier one. This CPanel was developed by CPanel Inc. which is supported only in Linux systems. They help in maintaining user accounts, databases, emails, domains/ subdomains etc. with user-friendly interface and organized tools. You can perform fast through CPanel and can access easily even you lack in technical knowledge.

We at Sixth Star in Chennai organize the best hosting plans with most affordable price. You can have in-numerous features with the best add-on and can offer your customers to control, maintain, and change the administrative setting easily with simple one click tools. Also, this hosting plans can be taken up by the small business companies, startups, bloggers, web developers etc. and we provide plans and packages according to your requirement.

Benefits of CPanel hosting in Sixth Star

Cost- effective

Unlike other hosting this CPanel hosting is considered as most affordable and authorized hosting in web industries. You can experience immense features at low cost with our packages.


Along with every plan, we provide robust hardware’s made of advanced technology and high-quality specifications. They are flexible as per your present and future requirements.

Bandwidth and uptime

The network operation will be full-time operational without any issues and all the websites will perform continuously ensuring the uptime guarantee. Along with that, we provide you unlimited bandwidth regardless of your disk space to help you lever your business.


Maintenance and Support

We provide you 24/7 support and maintenance to resolve all your problems and queries. Our skilled technical professionals will help you manage all your databases at all instances. You can reach them through emails, chats and calls and they are always ready to answer you.

Features of CPanel hosting

Types of Operating Systems and Control Panels

Frequently Asking Questions about CPanel Hosting

What is cPanel hosting?

cPanel hosting refers to a one the types of web hosting services that utilizes the cPanel control panel interface to manage various aspects of website hosting, such as file management, email accounts, databases, and website statistics.

What are the key features offered by cPanel hosting providers?

Key features offered by cPanel hosting providers typically include easy-to-use control panel interfaces, one-click installations for popular applications like WordPress, robust security features, email management tools, and website analytics.

Why should I choose a cPanel hosting provider in Chennai?

Choosing a cPanel hosting provider in Chennai ensures that you have local support and servers located in close proximity, which can lead to faster website loading times for visitors in the region.

Are cPanel hosting providers in Chennai suitable for e-commerce websites?

Yes, Sixthstar Technologies are the best cPanel hosting providers in Chennai are suitable for hosting e-commerce websites. They offer features such as SSL certificates, secure payment gateways, and scalability to handle the demands of online stores.

what are all the control panel does Sixthstar Technologies offer ?

sixthstar technologies offer many types of contol panel such as Plesk control panel, WHM control Panel and Cpanel control panel etc.,