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Do you have a business or are you about to start a venture? Are productivity levels on the decline as a result of an absence of critical technology tools that can manage these core aspects of business more effectively such as PAYROLL? If so, then it might be time for you to switch gears to the top payroll software vendor and link arms with those top Payroll System providers in Chennai who will make Payroll Management seem like a picnic.

Why Choose HMS Software?

Employee Information

Such information comprises the names of employees, their addresses, social security numbers, tax withholdings, bank account details for direct deposits, employment status, and other relevant personal details.

Salary and Wages

Payroll processing, which essentially entails computing wages and distributing them among employees, is at the center of it all. such payments include wages, hourly wages, bonuses, commissions, overtime pay any such form of wages.


Earnings from different employees’ earnings can be utilized for making various deductions like taxes, social security contributions, medicare, health insurance premiums, retirement plan contributions among others, and other voluntary deductions such as charitable contributions and union


It is mandatory for employers to deduct and forward several employee taxes. They can be in income taxes, Medicare taxes, and the unemployment tax.


Such payrolls also involve handling employee benefits like health insurance, dental or vision cover, life insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, as well as any other benefit that a given company could offer its employees.


Monitoring employee attendance, working hours, overtime hours, and paid leave (e.g., casual, sick leaves) and ensuring appropriate pay-offs accordingly.

Payroll Processing

Payrolling involves working out of gross wages, computing taxes and deductions, and effecting payments directly into bank accounts of employees using means such as direct deposit or the actual check.


Ensuring that payroll records are kept accurately according to specified laws concerning payments, employees’ earnings, deductions, filing of taxes, and other associated documents.

HR Processes with Intuitive Automation

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The Features Of Payroll Software

Payroll Software Provider in Chennai

Taxation features

Form 16



Compute Income Tax

payroll software

Employee Related

Employee Profiles

Employee Details

Contact Details

Date Related Reports

Reporting and Analytics

Hr Reports

Pay slip

Advanced Pay slip

Salary sheet

Salary abstract

payroll software

Income Tax Related

Estimation of TDS

Deduction of TDS

Challan entry & Printing

Generation of Form 24Q

payroll software

Statutory Reports

PF Report & ESI Report

Monthly PF & ES

Form 3A, 6A, 10, 12-a

PF & ESI Challan

payroll software




Insurance Insurance


payroll software

TDS features

TSD/TCS and file
Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q and 27EQ
Generation of Form 

payroll software


Import export excel

Template definition, processing

Payroll calendar

Interest calculator

payroll software

Monthly Reports

Salary Sheet

Pay Slip

Bank Statement

Attendance Details


Attendance settings

Leave settings

Holiday list

OT management

payroll software


Salary editor

Earnings/deduction sheet


ESI charges


What is payroll software, and how does it benefit my business?

Payroll software is a device that assists one in computing, disbursement of wages, and taxation on behalf of staff. It is beneficial in that it promotes efficiency, reduces mistakes, upholds tax compliance, and saves time for your essential business functions.

Can your payroll software handle both salaried and hourly employees?

Yes, it can handle salaried as well as hourly-paid workers. The solution supports numerous payment plans allowing precise determination of every type of settlement.

How does your software handle payroll taxes?

We make it simple for businesses to manage their payroll taxes since our software calculates them in accordance with the current regulations. It faithfully holds back federal, state, and local taxes, as well as Social Security and Medicare which is in conformity with Tax Laws.

Is your payroll software scalable for growing businesses?

Absolutely. We have made our software flexible enough to meet the needs of any type of
enterprise. Irrespective of whether you are a start-up or a big organization, our solution grows with you, without sacrificing efficacy and precision.

Can your software handle multiple pay rates and deductions?

Yes, our software is used to manage employees that have different pay rates, deductions, and benefits. This allows you to set different settings according to the categories of employees so that payroll processing is performed in a reliable way with respect to every group.