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Cloud hosting is beneficial when compared with dedicated server hosting and shared hosting features. The cloud servers are interconnected within a virtual network where resources will be high with low latency network performance. These servers are like a physical server (dedicated) where you can secure your data’s and customize it regularly. With redundant storage and reliable network, the cloud servers can maintain 99.98% uptime at all instances.

Sixth Star offers cloud hosting service chennai for decades allowing customers to flexibly operate the server with intuitive control panels, management dashboard (Open Stack) and friendly user-interface. Our cloud server comes with two operating systems – Linux and Windows along with other different OS based on your business requirement. Our cloud services along all root packages come with a firewall, SSD storage, load balancer, backups, apps and SSL certificate.

Sixth Star offers the best dedicated server hosting in India with abrupt security features like firewall, DDoS protection and SSL certificates with instant provisioning options. You can order our services at any time and will be deployed at the demanded time. Configure the packages based on the requirements like OS, RAM, disk storage, and processors before placing the order.

Why Choose Sixth Star?

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Benefits of cloud hosting

In addition to all those features, Sixth Star offers the best cloud hosting provider company in chennai that works great for sites withscalable traffic. We also provide other broad features where cloud computing plays its best for enhanced website performance. We mitigate to maintain a perfect work environment where everything becomes possible under the cloud without any stressful procedures. You can do features correlation, modification and transfer data at any time under perfect security with no downtime occurrence.


Redundant Storage

cloud uses CEPH it uses a data mirroring method where the triple data replication processes making any hardware or network failures do not affect the stored data’s.


Flexible Billing

Utility payment is ensured in cloud hosting. You can pay off your bills as per the resources used and won’t be charged for unused ones. Profitable features are available only on cloud servers.


Management Panel

Our cloud dashboard Open stack Horizon makes the web presence easier. You can easily customize, track performances and management features with less tech knowledge in the cloud.

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Dedicated Resources

We offer dedicated bare metal instances that inherit consistent performance at all instances along expandability i.e. you can broaden the resources at any time easily.

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Solid Network

Our hypervisors provides fast and secure networking performance with low latency 100Gbps for high internet speed. And also offers dedicated IPv4 and IPv6.

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SSH Key Deployment

As a security measure, we deploy automatic SSH key once the purchase is done. We assure to dispense encrypted measures for all type of server communications.

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