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    We never fail to hear your queries at any cause. You can call us or email and can fix meetings to get your things done very quickly. We are always at your door step to get involved and ensure to remain in constant touch till you get rid of your problems. Though we branch out at various geographical regions we never break down in providing our vast IT services. We have got everything covered meeting your needs.

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    Sixth Star Technologies,
    C4-2-39, Jalan 1/152,Taman OUG,
    Parklane ,58200,
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


    Sixth Star Technologies,
    Boetzinger Straße 60,
    79111 Freiburg,
    P: +49 761 4514 0


    Sixth Star Technologies,
    Infotech Plot No A-38,Ground Floor JJ Nagar , Naredmet x Roads, Hyderabad-500094