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Collaborate effortlessly and increase productivity through G SUITE. Make your workflow more simplified, have efficient communication and remote file accessibility.

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G suite provider

G-suite provider in Chennai, Sixth Star Technologies understand the different challenges and opportunities faced by small and large Enterprise businesses in this dynamic market. That’s why we offer comprehensive G-suite solutions that enhances the business productivity through a basic setup and support. From seamless migration and integration to ongoing training and optimization, Our Technical Experts are committed to helping you maximize the potential of G-suite to drive efficiency, collaboration, and growth for your business.

Key Features of Collaboration with G Suite


The powerful Docs tool of G-SUITE lets one create edit and share documents in real time.


The new G-SUITE enables organising of data for easy sharing with other people utilizing the Sheets.

Google  G Suite  offers a set of working tools enabling easy collaboration between teams for an increase in Team Productivity.

G suite provider
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Save Your Files Safely and Effortlessly

Your invaluable data is protected using strong storage abilities and G-SUITE inbuilt security mechanisms offered by Google Drive.s Your files are available wherever you will access google drive and you can as well easily share among others.

Discover the Power of G-SUITE with G suite Providers

If you require tools for effective operations, including collaboration, then consider using G-SUITE from the Reliable G-suite Providers from Chennai. The intuitive Calendar, the versatile Forms, and keep – these are all that G–SUITE has to help you stay organize and efficient.


Remain structured while maintaining a good time schedule. Automatically plan for meetings, events, and appointments through G-SUITE Calendar. Keep track of timetable synchronization among devices, so as not to skip one date.


Collect data and gather insights G-SUITE Forms lets you design your own forms/surveys. Obtain responses, analyze data, and learn critical insights needed for making appropriate decisions.


Capture ideas and organize information G-SUITE Keep lets you quickly take notes, make a list of things to do and bring order to your thoughts. Your information will be readily accessible wherever and whenever you want.

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Boost Productivity

Find out the main advantages of introducing G-SUITE in your business. Boost your productivity, collaborate in real time, and enjoy heightened security.


How do I sign up?

G-SUITE can be easily registered by visiting our website. In case of any problems, please feel free to contact a member of our support staff for assistance.

What are the pricing plans?

Our highly competitive and flexible pricing plan for G-SUITE is aimed at meeting the preferences of any business entity. Check out our offers and prices or simply contact us.

Would it be possible for me to continue to use my existing domain?

Definitely, it’s possible to integrate your current domain with G-SUITE. We have instructions that guide you on how to link your domain to our services during the setup process.

Is customer support available?

Absolutely! The supportive staff of G-SUITE is available round the clock to solve your queries and problems.

How secure is G-SUITE?

Advanced security tools in G-SUITE ensure protection of your data. Our user safety is guaranteed through implementation of industry standard safety measures.

What is Google G Suite services?

G Suite is a basic edition in a Google business email suite services which provides of collaborative productivity apps that streamline every activity in a centralized business professional email id, shared calendars, online document editing and storage, video meetings in G-meet , and much more.

Is G-suite suitable for small businesses or is it primarily designed for larger enterprises?

G-suite is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses . Its scalable nature allows small businesses to access the same powerful productivity tools and collaboration features used by larger enterprises.

G-suite providers and Resellers are there in chennai ??

there are several G-suite providers and resellers in Chennai. Sixthstar Technologies is one of the top Resellers and providers offer G-suite subscriptions, setup assistance, migration services, training, and ongoing support to businesses in Chennai. Sixthstar Technologies. may also offer additional services such as customization, integration with third-party applications, and consulting to tailor G-suite to the specific needs of businesses in Chennai.