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What Our Customers Say


Dedicated Hosting

Professional guidance with unlimited resource availability. They allow you to easily scale the service at any time.


Chrysalis Homeneeds Pvt. Ltd.,

Cloud Hosting

Lower or increase your cloud storage based on your requirement since their service is redundant and flexible payment is available.


Shankara Building Products Ltd. Ltd.,


Our e-commerce site had a growth only after installing SSL certification. They give you complete guidance right from installation to changing the site into HTTPS


Sethu Murugan
Hinduja Leyland

Shared Hosting

Though we opted for shared hosting the services doesn’t change. They are versatile and provided us with the support system at its best.



Bhoomi and Buildings Pvt Ltd

Spam Filter

Mail servers are a prodigy in Sixth Star. They have excellent features like blacklisting and abuse management where you won’t find any spams.



Billroth Hospitals

Dedicated Hosting

A distinct and cost-effective solution can be acquired here. It is of sure that your dedicated server will be power packed with resources that have outperforming features.


Chalapathirao Sajjarao


VPS Hosting

We received our VPS hosting at a reasonable cost on the requested date. They consistently deliver the services on schedule.



Makkal TV


Fantastic job done by SixthStar Team. They implemented Zimbra Mail services for us without any issue and during migration we don't have any downtime. All the best for SixthStar team.


Thanks and Regards,
- IT Head

Dedicated Hosting

24/7 Proactive support” no matter what issue you deal at times they will give their best to clear your server problems completely.


ZAK Group

Web Design

We always wanted to have our dream website onsite matching our exact imagination and Sixth Star helped us to shape them on cheap costs.


Dr.Syed Akthar Shah
Jamal Mohamed College

Payroll Software

Sixth Star helped us save our core business time by easily generating reports, taxation features and employee details through easily manageable payroll software.


Golden Tex Group


They took only a short period to increase the visibility strength of our website. They analyze, search and optimize regularly for better search results.


Sultan Mohideen
Bharat Metal Process

Web Development

They process in a unique way to create the ideal. Easily adaptable and innovative development team makes them the best.


Schwing Stetter India