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Powerful Dedicated Servers Hosting Solution

A Dedicated Servers allows you to take a complete control over your resources using Control panel. With this physical server, you can have a dedicated environment where you can customize features and set resources based on your organizational needs. They are suited for all-purpose businesses right from web-stores to large-scale since they have reliable and stable operational configurations. With fast-uptime and accessibility, they boost performances instantly at expected rates.

Sixth Star offers the best dedicated servers hosting in India with abrupt security features like firewall, DDoS protection and SSL certificates with instant provisioning options. You can order our services at any time and will be deployed at the demanded time. Configure the packages based on the requirements like OS, RAM, disk storage, and processors before placing the order.

Dedicated Server Plans

Our services and plans are endless and you can enjoy the freedom of hosting.





Benefits Of Our Dedicated Server

With robust tier-3 infrastructure at our data centres, we provide a range of features prioritizing stability, scalability and security for all customers. We make services precise that meet exactly your expectations as we are a pioneer in providing prime resources for every client with our expertise and specialize in giving “on time solution” for all your business issues.

Also, with each service packages, we add additional evident features comprising free backup, IP’s, subnets, domains and protection related measures under low cost. Here are some features that quickly confess the importance of the Dedicated Servers hosting.

Control Panel

Free setup

Server setup for first-time installers will be done instantly under free of cost with upgradation at any time.



Firewall setup, anti-virus software will be provided to safeguard the server from anti-malware.

fleet management software

Close monitoring

System and server monitoring will be handled by us to increase the performance of the server.


Hardware resources

Hardware specifications are been preferred by the client and we provide the best hardware resources with high bandwidth and storage capacities.


Redundant source

Highly continued networking performance with high resource availability will be provided, eliminating downtime possibilities.

cloud hosting provider

24/7 Tech Support

Reach our service team in any instances to resolve all your technical problems and also to get help in choosing the best server plan.


Our Dedicated Servers has many key features with the advanced technology delivering a desirable outcome to all the clients.

The server features of the sixth star are given below,

Experience the best hardware features with our service which not only focuses on security but also enhances your business with leading technology.

Some of the Dedicated Servers specifications are,

Thus, Sixth Star Technologies in India will provide you Dedicated Servers with the robust and outstanding feature which helps you in scaling up your business at all aspects.

The hardware’s that we provide to all our customer along the server package are as follows,

  • RAM

    Random Access Memory (RAM) will be provided for each package ranging from 8GB-256GB. And the RAM which we give comprises of DDR3 and DDR4 capability i.e. they possess unbuffered memory and better-performing upgrade solution at a lower price. Also, it provides high network speed to the operating systems and applications resulting in a good bandwidth for your websites with the best system stability i.e. it releases less heat and is more power efficient.

  • Processor

    The server comes with Intel 8 core and Xeon Processor which takes a leap in performance and capability. This innovative technology accounts for the best performance, maximizing security and increases the orchestration and possess hyper-threading with thermal design to be energy efficient.

  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

    Industry’s highest capacity nearline drive ranging from 2TB-90TB suiting all the demanded storage needs and designed for highest performance for business-critical applications. This disk comes with the best-inbuilt application with high-quality and reliability thereby helping your system to store as much data without any crash or malfunctioning.

Why To buy SSL From Sixth Star?

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  • Experts in handling malware and repairs of servers and possess the capacity in rebuilding them within provided time.

  • Deployment and Re-installation of hardware components including recovery software are provided to regain lost data.

  • Say whether a consultation to customers or instruction of service techniques, you can reach them through phone at any instance since we provide interminable support service.




Hear what our customers say


What is a dedicated server?

The Dedicated Server Hosting environment gives a selective server or servers dedicated singularly to your site. In this hosting, clients can get complete control that allows customization. This server is ideal for large websites that receive high traffic or need a unique hosting setup requiring high security.

How does it work?

Once you have rented the entire physical server, you will get access to all the resources entirely within it. Since you have customization facilities, you can modify or update your CPU type, OS, RAM, and storage.

Difference between shared and dedicated server

Dedicated is an entire single server whereas shared is a portion of it. Rather sharing a part of resources among others you can choose the dedicated server where you have entire access to all resources.

What’s the difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting?

Unmanaged hosting is where you will receive a blank server, and all the technical side and security should be handled by yourself whereas in managed hosting you will have a professional team who will handle all the technical parts to keep it secure and reliable.

What kind of speed will my server have once it is connected?

Usually, it will automatically connect at 100Mbps but we provide speed up to 1Gbps as an addition to all our packages. The network will be completely redundant and has expandable bandwidth capability.

What benefits does dedicated hosting have?

It is a safe and secure option that has high uptime and is vulnerable to hacking, thereby reducing the hardware and software repairs. They are completely optimized for better performance among other servers and give scalability features for upgrading purposes.

How many mail accounts can I have? And what software is used?

Email accounts are unlimited with features like auto-responders, Spam Assassins, aliasing, etc. Currently, we provide EXIM software.

How much bandwidth is included with each server and how is it metered?

We will set bandwidth based on your requirements for each month. Incoming bandwidth is checked once your usage exceeds.

How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?

You can host as many as you can since we provide unlimited service for domains.

Do you offer backup services?

Each dedicated server comes with HDD drives with additional cost that can be added to safeguard your storage documents or files. We also provide backup scripts if you wish to store it on any third-party storage.

What software can I install on my dedicated server?

You can install any type of software into the server with root access. If any software insists on entering the license key, then you must purchase and apply.

How do I add websites to the server?

You can add them either in the CPanel or can create a new package with WHM to develop a new separate CPanel for each website.

Will I have root access to my dedicated server?

Within a few seconds after purchasing, you can request us for root access, and we will provide it instantly.

How often do you monitor the Data Center and servers?

We provide support and monitoring 24/7/365 to safeguard and protect the servers. You can check our data centre facilities to know more about it.

What does the delivery time refer to?

Once the payment is over, the delivery time will start. This time is just an estimation and doesn’t bind to any legitimacy.

What is the cost of set-up?

The set-up fee is free at the time of installation.

What’s the lifetime guarantee for components?

Throughout the subscription period, your servers will be well maintained with 24/7 support. We will replace any damaged components soon.

What happens to my IPs and IP blocks if I don’t renew?

IPs will be recycled if any failover occurs. If the IP is moved to another server, it is not possible to renew it.

How do I cancel my IPs?

You can remove them by using the control panel settings.

Can I move a license to another server?

Of course! But additional charges apply.

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