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VPS Server Hosting in chennai

Virtual Private Server (VPS) holds the features of both dedicated Hosting and shared Hosting focusing on your critical data privacy with complete security solutions. This virtual server comprises RAM, disk space, processors and other storage and network capabilities with an expandable feature where you can configure based on your requirement. With our immense server features and proactive support, you can certainly run your business without any downtime.

Why Choose Sixth Star?

Benefits Of VPS SERVER Hosting


Best security

With password protected directories and IP denials VPS stands as the best option. We also offer ssl certificate for secure transactions and operations.


Uptime guarantee

99.99% uptime is guaranteed at all time since we offer expandable bandwidth with redundant networking performance for faster load times.


Complete access

For both Linux VPS and Windows VPS servers you will be given a complete root access where you can change/modify, set features flexible based on your needs.

Gain Insights

High performance

With tier-3 infrastructure all the servers works at lightning speed and performs operations faster with no delay.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Our technical team will be active round the clock to support you technically for all back-end process. You can reach them at any time



With our high-end hardware and software features we offer packages at cheap prices to reduce your capital investment.

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Windows (Plesk Control Panel) can eradicate complications by giving a hack-free environment. They use .Net programming features making your platform easy to develop and modify. If you are working with windows applications or developing business under windows platform this VPS server is ideal.

Using an Open source technology Linux can operate in a reliable manner with inbuilt CSS Optimizer. The server enables you to install/update software and other programs without purchasing any license key (from open source). They are flexible with real-time rebooting procedures.




Hear what our customers say


What is a virtual private server (VPS)?

The VPS server has both the configuration of dedicated and shared server, i.e., as a dedicated server, it has a virtual independent environment, and as a shared one, it shares the resources of the server. Also, the server will not interface with the other hardware or file system; rather, it will send requests through queues and manage interpretation.

What is the need for VPS server?

VPS is always a better choice. If you own a shared server and want an alternative like a dedicated server, then VPS is a perfect solution that can fit your requirements. They are affordable compared to other hosting options and highly secure too.

What about speed in VPS?

Our data centers are equipped with the latest tech hardware and software and are connected to Ethernet. So the speed will be in gigabits and is redundant.

Can I get a dedicated IP address?

Yes, you can get a dedicated IP address at Sixth Star.

Can I customize my VPS server?

Of course! You can customize it according to your needs and can install or remove applications. You will be provided with root access to modify your server based on the requirements.

What is the difference between VPS and shared hosting?

VPS gives you a virtualized environment as well as shared hosting features where resources are shared on a particular server. In shared hosting, you will not have an independent server.

Can I have additional bandwidth?

Yes, you can upgrade your resources at any time you want. Reach our support team at for further details.

Who should use VPS?

If your website is receiving high traffic or you need to customize applications or increase your security level but not willing to invest more, then VPS is the best choice.

Does VPS provide good security?

Yes, VPS provides good security, keeping your information and applications protected within its own independent environment.

Is VPS easy to use?

Utilization is an added advantage in VPS hosting since you have root access. You can remove or install as per your requirements, enhancing the performance of your site.

VPS is cheap or costly?

Yes, VPS is cheap compared to another hosting service.

Can I customize my VPS server?

Yes, with root access, you can customize it as you wish.

How long will it take to set up my account?

Once the payment is verified through email or phone, your account will be set up on the same business day.

Do you offer an uptime guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee based on the SLA.

What is the operating system used in VPS?

CentOS and Apache web server are offered with VPS at Sixth Star. You can choose them according to your requirements.

What kind of VPS server is available?

We offer both managed and unmanaged services. Managed service is where all the technical aspects are handled by our professionals, whereas in unmanaged, you will receive a blank server that you have to optimize according to your requirements.

Will I have access to a firewall for my VPS?

You can configure the iptables rules to secure your server.

Can I have additional storage?

You can connect to your desktop or through SSH.

How often do you backup?

We do daily backups and can restore it once you request. Kindly check our SLA to know more backup procedures.

What should I do when I want to change my server location?

Simply contact our team members through email or calls and they will do the rest.

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