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Sixth Star Technology is the incredible Web hosting company in chennai by offering adaptable highlights and high transparency at awful costs. As an excellent supplier, we lift and strengthen your business with free domain registration and reliable email services.

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Control Panel

Control Panel

Handle your Linux shared hosting account using the control panel that add domains, subdomains, emails, and databases.


Instant Account Setup

Go to our website immediately, based on payment confirmation the hosting packages will organize at once.


Pro-Website Builder

Prefer your template based on your choice and create your own websites without the technical skills.


Identify Malware And Eliminate

On daily basis your website is auto scanned, once any threat is found, we will fix for you.


Email Accounts

POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols are used to send and receive emails in secured path with high speed.


Authentic SSD Storage

SSD provides better performance with high speed and great reliability with energy efficiency.

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What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a straightforward term, which empowers your site to be open by means of the Internet. All information on your site should be facilitated on a server through an administration known as Web Hosting.

Do I Require A Web Hosting?

With the goal to get your dynamic site and live on the Internet, you have to host a site. In the event, you are trying to create a website without taking web hosting administrations, enlisting domain names will serve no need. Web hosting is essentially the space that you have to purchase on a web server to store your website documents.

How Does Web Hosting Works?

When you buy a Web Hosting plan from Sixth Star technologies, stores your website on one of our servers and appoints it unique DNS. The DNS supplies the location that enables individuals around the globe to discover and see your website.

By buying a site facilitating bundle, you’re fundamentally purchasing space on one of our servers. It’s like the space on a PC’s hard drive, yet the server enables your site’s documents to be gotten to from anyplace.

What Sort Of Web Hosting Do I Require?

To choose the best Web hosting provider in chennai, Sixth Star Technologies that will fulfil your needs, Start by thinking about the aim of your business. Based on that choose the hosting packages on the basis of data transfer, size of disk space, number of mailboxes and tools that are of open source applications and programming languages. After finalizing you have to know how to use your website and analyse the traffic that is required, so that you’ll be able to determine which package is best suited for your business.

What Makes Sixth Star Better Than Other Web Hosting Companies?

Security and reliability are the two important points to be considered. Our Sixth Star Technologies provides 99.99% Linux and Windows hosting in uptime and 24/7 technical service through email, chats or phones.

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