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SSL Certificate in chennai

Sixth Star offers a standard ssl certificate in chennai and security protocol that establishes secured connection between your web server and browser. This SSL ensures your customer that all the data and information transmitted are saved under a protected environment. You can increase trust and visibility strength among customers if once the certificate is installed in the web browser.

ssl certificate in chennai


The product comes as a domain validated 2056 bit industry standard SSL with 256-bit encryption strength. It gives 99.9% browser and mobile ubiquity with complete business authentication and easy upgrades. You will be provided with a dynamic site seal, unlimited server license, and unlimited re-issuances within 5 days of order.

Positive SSL

  • 1 domain
  • Domain Validation
  • Basic HTTPS
  • Comodo SSL
  • Low assurance

This Domain validated multi-domain SSL certificate supports and secures multiple domain names with 256-bit encryption strength and gives 99.9% compatibility. Here it protects one complete domain and two additional domains with 2 free SAN Certificate. Also, there is an availability of re-issuance in minutes besides unlimited server license.

Positive SSl Multi-Domain

  • 3-100 domain seats
  • Domain Validation
  • Basic HTTPS
  • Comodo SSL
  • Low assurance

The Extended Validation SSL certification secures single domain with full business authentication and has 2048 bit high assurance along 128-256 bit encryption strength. This EV SSL gives extra credibility for your entire single domain’s security with free re-issuances and a qualified site seal.


  • 1 domain
  • Extended Validation
  • Company name in browser
  • Comodo SSL
  • Very high assurance

This Extended validation single certificate gives authorization to multiple domains or sub domains with a maximum of 256-bit encryption strength enhancing the security practices and proving the site is been controlled by a legal entity. Also, this comes with the attachment of 2 SAN Certificate with unlimited service license including site seal and free re-issuance.

EV SSL Multi Domain

  • 3-100 domain seats
  • Extended Validation
  • Company name in browser
  • Comodo SSL
  • Very high assurance

Why To buy SSL From Sixth Star?

Implementing SSL

  • Purchase a certificate

    Buy the SSL certificate that matches exactly to your website need. Trusted CA will increase your visibility strength. You can choose our SSL certificate listed below.

  • Install the certificate

    If you manage your site then you must first generate a certificate signing request (CSR) and then install it if not our team will help you install it. To complete the CSR process, Sixth Star will provide all the documents correctly.

  • Convert to https

    Once you install SSL certificate change all your site page URL into HTTPS so that all the content will be served securely. Generally, Google will give preference/ priority to an HTTPS site.

Setting up SSL on your website is easy


What is SSL certification?

Secure socket layer (SSL) provides safe and secure communication across the web server and the browser using the encryption method i.e. the most sensitive information of the user like account numbers, card numbers, login ID, etc. are encrypted to not get traced by anyone during transactions. Padlock, https is added credentials in the SSL to ensure user trust.

Can I get a green bar on my website?

Yes, if you have an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

How can I get EV certificate?

Only if you have a registered company with government authority you are eligible to get EV certificate.

What certificate offers www and non-www coverage?

Except multi-domain, all certificates come with www and non-www coverage automatically.

What is a Multi-domain?

A Multi-Domain certificate secures multiple domain names with a single certificate.

What is the difference between wildcard and multi-domain functionality?

Wildcard protects a single domain and unlimited sub-domains whereas multi-domain protects multiple domain names with one certificate, and you can add/delete SANs (Subject Alternative Names) in this.

Can I use 256-bit encryption?

256-bit encryption is available for all SSL certificates.

What is the difference between 1024 and 2048 bit key lengths?

2048 bits is more secure than other bit lengths and is the latest industry standard key size. The strength of the private key used in the cryptographic algorithm is determined by this key size.

What is SSL certificate warranty?

The warranty provides protection in settling amount if your SSL is misused or hacked by a third person. We provide different warranties for each SSL package, ranging from $10,000 to $1,750,000, etc.

Can I use SSL to cover an internal domain?

If your internal domain is registered to any delegated domain, you can use SSL for it. If not, you can’t use it

What is the difference between 128 and 256-bit security?

The only difference is the key length used to establish SSL on the browser. 128-bit encryption is enough to ensure security, but if you purposely require 256-bit encryption, you can have it.

How many domains can I secure with Multi-domain SSL?

You can secure about 250 domains with a multi-domain SSL certificate.

What should I do with my private key?

Keep it secure since it is important for your certificate to work.

Where do I expedite the validation?

If you are in need, contact us soon, and we will help you to make your order a priority.

How do I know what my control panel/OS is?

To know anything about the control panel or its settings, you can call us immediately or reach us by email at

My verified phone is outdated? What should I do?

Contact us immediately, and we will sort it out soon and tell you the procedure to update it.

I accidentally deleted my private key. What can I do now?

You can use your backup to re-install your ‘Private Key’ using a system administrator. Contact us if you don’t find any backups.

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