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Improve your security through ssl certificate in chennai

SSL Certificate

Sixth Star offers a standard ssl certificate in chennai and security protocol that establishes secured connection between your web server and browser. This SSL ensures your customer that all the data and information transmitted are saved under the protected environment. You can increase trust and visibility strength among customers if once the certificate is installed in the web browser.

There are four types of SSL certificates offered by us- Positive SSL, Positive MD SSL, EV (Extended Validation) SSL, EV MD SSL. Each of them has unique configurations like a pad lock, green browser, https:/ etc. You can choose them based on your business need.

ssl certificate in chennai

Why To buy SSL From Sixth Star?

Authentic Security – We provide encryption strength up to 2048 bit for maximum security with ECC support. Your entire website visitor’s data will be well-protected.Assurance – You can assure your customer that their data’s are in right hands. Through trust seal and other guarantee issuance.Increase Visibility – Installing SSL certificate can gradually increase your SEO ranking i.e. as your visitor strength increases your page ranking will increase.Trust Seal – The trust seal can assure your customers that all transactions are safe and secure.Warranty – Our certificates come with a warranty based on the package. We will provide cash back if any wrong occurs.Support – 24/7 support services will be provided by our professionals. You can reach our SSL support in any instance.
Implementing SSL on Site
Setting up SSL on your website is easy! In general, these are the 3 simple steps for installing your new SSL certificate.
1. Purchase a certificate
Buy the SSL certificate that matches exactly to your website need. Trusted CA will increase your visibility strength. You can choose our SSL certificate listed below.
2. Install the certificate
If you manage your site then you must first generate a certificate signing request (CSR) and then install it if not our team will help you install it. To complete the CSR process, Sixth Star will provide all the documents correctly.
3. Convert to https
Once you install SSL certificate change all your site page URL into HTTPS so that all the content will be served securely. Generally, Google will give preference/ priority to an HTTPS site.