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"Prominent reseller hosting"

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Kick start your own web hosting business without the huge capital investment and management foundation. For this, we provide an excellent Reseller Hosting with fundamental administering tools and software to customize and alter the purchased solutions only to be sold as their product. The Reseller hosting offered by us is very inexpensive and simple to set up and launch. Most of the professional reseller makes a good profit from selling our hosting solutions.

You can leverage your business by providing the best compatible services for the third parties to drive your business forward. It will be full and full cost-effective and beneficial for you in the end.

Our Reseller server management will provide a server with appropriate features so that there is no need to integrate obsolete software solutions later.

We outweigh tour competitors by providing the best Reseller Hosting in Chennai and the best technical support with performance assurance.

We offer a high-quality web space to manage yourself – so you can easily add, edit, and remove hosting for sites that you wish to host. Moreover, you can manage your own reseller hosting company, selling hosting to your clients, or hosting multiple sites on your own in minutes!

Sixthstar Reseller Hosting Features

  • We provide full control over the websites you host via your reseller hostingcontrol panel. You can manage, add, edit, and remove sites quickly and easy at any time.
  • We provide your reseller hosting account fully branded with your own logo and DNS name servers.
  • Each site you host in reseller hosting has its own individual control panel; this is branded with your logo and allows for easy site management – reducing your workload.
  • Each site you decide to host has access to the full range of powerful features detailed further down this page, with no hidden or added costs.
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge to be a reseller hosting. We take care of managing the server to make sure your sites are online 100% of the time.
  • we have Professional Reseller Hosting server staffs are online 24/7 and 365 days a year to make sure you’re always given priority support for any questions or concerns.
  • Reselling server hosting saves you time and money – servers are expensive to maintain. You will be reselling using an infrastructure that took us 8 years to perfect!

Linux Reseller Hosting Benefits

Linux Hosting Features & Addons

Reseller Web Hosting Benefits


Why You Should Choose Sixth Star Unlimited Reseller Hosting?

Free SSL

Protect data transmission between your website and internet to avoid theft of confidential information. To avoid that we provide a free ssl certificate.

ERP Web Development

Our ERP development exceeds beyond basic functionalities as it is one of the business development software looks after finance, production and planning, inventory, human resource, payroll, costing and customer care.

CMS Web Development

Content Management System based website is actually built according to your specifications. Our user friendly solutions help our clients to modify website based on their needs, without looking for a technical expert.

Hotel Management Web Development

Our team will create powerful website for hotel so that you can make your presence in hotel industry, we offer feature-rich solutions for hotel management site for mid, large hotel business with cost-efficient.


Web Host Manager is effective software which is used to automate server management tasks, customize cPanel of your clients to create brand image.

Free Website Migration

You can count on us for obtaining your website migrated from your existing reseller provider to Sixth Star reliable reseller hosting plan.

Malware Removal

We provide malware protection for your websites that are auto scanned on regular basis. If we find any threats, we fix for you.

Datacenter Choice

You receive an option to select the reseller hosting, server location includes India, UK, US, Singapore, and Germany for no additional cost.