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Dedicated Server Hosting

Ultra Fast, High Performance Dedicated Server hosting

Powerful Dedicated Server Hosting

Our Dedicated Server Hosting allows you to take a complete control over your resources using Control panel. With this physical server you can have a dedicated environment where you can customize features and set resources based on your organizational needs. They are suited for all-purpose businesses right from web-stores to large-scale since they have reliable and stable operational configurations. With fast-uptime and accessibility, they boost performances instantly at expected rates.

Sixth Star offers the best  reliable dedicated server hosting in India with abrupt security features like firewall, DDoS protection and SSL certificates with instant provisioning options. You can order our services at any time and will be deployed at the demanded time. Configure the packages based on the requirements like OS, RAM, disk storage, and processors before placing the order.

Benefits Of Our Dedicated Server Hosting

With robust tier-3 infrastructure at our data centers, we provide a range of features prioritizing stability, scalability and security for all customers. We make services precise that meet exactly your expectations as we are a pioneer in providing prime resources for every client with our expertise and specialize in giving “on time solution” for all your business issues.

Also, with each service packages, we add additional evident features comprising free backup, IP’s, subnets, domains and protection related measures under low cost. Here are some features that quickly confess the importance of the dedicated hosting.

our dedicated hosting solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate security measures to fortify your online presence. Our dedication to delivering unparalleled service is reflected in the variety of synonyms for dedicated server hosting, such as exclusive server hosting, isolated server solutions, and specialized server management, showcasing our commitment to providing a hosting experience that goes beyond expectations.


Free setup & Upgrade

Dedicated Server setup for first-time installers will be done instantly under free of cost with upgradation at any time.


Firewall setup, anti-virus software will be provided to safeguard the server from anti-malware.

Close monitoring

System and server monitoring will be handled by us to increase the performance of the server.


Hardware resources

Hardware specifications are been preferred by the client and we provide the best hardware resources with high bandwidth and storage capacities.

Redundant source

Continued networking performance with high-resource availability will be provided eliminating downtime possibilities.

24/7 Tech and maintenance support

Reach our service team in any instances to resolve all your technical problems and also to get help in choosing the best server plan according to your requirement.

Server Features

Our dedicated server hosting has many key features with the advanced technology delivering a desirable outcome to all the clients.

The server features of the sixth star are given below,

Hardware Specifications

Experience the best hardware features with our service which not only focuses on security but also enhances your business with leading technology.

Some of the server specifications are,

Thus, Sixth Star Technologies in India will provide you servers with the robust and outstanding feature which helps you in scaling up your business at all aspects.


Lead your business with us! Since, we have clients over many cities and states who felt contented with our broad service knowledge to tackle their mission-critical issues.