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What is White label Marketing?

White Label Marketing

White label is the pre-build advertising platform which can be quickly deployed and customized for programmatic advertising solutions. Because you have complete control, you can make your White Label Marketing platform transparent and fully controlled and can be rebranded to meet the demands.

 Types of white label ad platforms

1. demand-side platforms

This demand-side platform is used for real-time automation of purchase, conversion, and ad impressions. A white-label demand-side platform is a set of pre-built tools that other businesses may purchase and customize to their requirements. For example, you do not need to depend on other third-party programmatic advertising agencies.

Sixthstar Technologies offers demand-side white labels with a variety of sophisticated capabilities for advertisers, including single-format advertisements, increased targeting and optimization, analytics visual representations, validation, and help center integration. 

2. supply-side platforms 

In this Supply-side platform, programmatic advertising software is used to automate the selling of ad impressions by connecting publishers with a group of buyers with platforms, commercials, and advertising transfers, among others. This White Label Marketing makes it simple for publishers to start a supply side platform and begin monetizing ad inventory.

3. Ad network and ad exchanges  platform

This ad network platform connects the publisher to an ad network such as Google AdSense. Ad exchanges are digital marketplaces where advertisers bid on advertisements from publishers. For example, Advertising White Label solutions make it simple to set up multi channel customized ad networks and exchanges.

This White label Marketing is designed for leading publishers and ad network owners who require a premium solution that supports several advertising formats, including desktop, mobile, and other platforms.

Advantages of White Label Marketing

White-label programmatic advertising solutions have become extremely popular in recent years. It has various advantages:

1. Easy to use

Most ads companies are unable to afford a technical resource to build their own platform, so using a white-label solution is much easier. We don’t need to hire developers, and a white-label product can usually be implemented within a week. The main reasons why white label advertising platforms can be quite useful for small advertisers or agencies who do not want to invest a lot of money or know how to build anything from scratch.

2. Customization.

white label products are completely customizable and ready for changes. It is not a default or ready-to-use solution that you cannot customize to meet your needs. many White-Label providers give additional unique feature solutions, support with integrations of rare types, and even set up additional technical platform elements.

3. Cost-effective.

using a white-label solution is considerably less expensive than developing software from scratch. The cost of building the ads platform initially and then maintaining it is saved. The white-label provider is responsible for these costs. In just a couple of days, a platform can be operational, usable, and ready for monetization.

Although the initial investment for a white-label platform is higher than that for a third party, the cost savings can be significant for small and medium-sized businesses. However, with a white-label platform, you have a lower likelihood of overpaying for impressions.

4. Scalability.

White-label platforms are extremely adaptable. If a white-label provider, such as Sixth Star Tech, uses cloud computing, they can easily upgrade clients from lower to larger plans or between them.  It is essential to determine whether the hosting data center  will be placed in the right location.

In comparison to its alternative, developing a programmatic advertising platform in-house can be a big challenge, frequently resulting in the platform being taken down for temporary maintenance.

5. Support.

Sixthstar Tech, a white label advertising platform supplier, offers a dedicated support staff to assist with programmatic building and maintaining the platform. The client does not have to undertake any technical maintenance, allowing them to focus on business-critical operations. If something goes wrong, the white-label platform is in charge of resolving the issue.

Features of white labeling 


  1. white label hosting solutions are widely available in the market, especially more recently. It has various advantages:
  2. It provides advertisers ownership, which allows them to be free and complicates ad tech solutions.
  3. These can be linked with particular Supply Side Platforms, and marketers will handle the traffic sources and receive all information.
  4. They will allow you to leave the remaining portions of the self-service demand-side platform and collect the entirety of your project in one record. If you put your bid on many platforms, it may also appear in competition.
  5. It can be connected to as many SSPs and DSPs, and you will have the highest quality traffic


The White label marketing are readymade solutions that can’t afford programmatic technology. It is an alternative to conventional technologies for responsible and rapid ad distribution, taking only a few seconds. It gives you complete control over your campaign results, reducing the need to switch between multiple automated alternatives at once. It is a comprehensive solution that includes all advantages and unique benefits.