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Why You Need Business Email Hosting

Why You Need Business Email

An email has become an essential component of modern corporate communication. It connects your company to its clients, partners, employees, and customers. Have you ever considered Benefits of business email hosting which affect your business operations and professional image? This is where professional email hosting comes in.

Business email hosting offers enterprise-level features that have been developed specifically for businesses. This includes limitless storage, strong spam protection, and email continuity to ensure you never miss a critical message. You can also use your custom domain, which improves brand identification and creates a more professional image.

The good news is that corporate email hosting has become more affordable and accessible than ever before. There are lots of plans available on the market, allowing you to select one that meets your demands and budget. let us explain why business email hosting is essential for any organization and show you how to choose the best package for your needs.

What is Business Email Hosting?

Business email hosting provides customized email services for your corporate domain. Instead of using a generic email address from Gmail or Yahoo, you receive professional addresses such as

With a business email host, you receive:

Custom email addresses – Have addresses that correspond to your brand and company domain. No more generic Gmail addresses.

security – Professional Email services provide enhanced security features such as encryption, antivirus filters, and anti-spam technologies to protect your communications.

Additional storage – Most corporate email subscriptions include much more storage space, so you never have to worry about limits. Some provide 50GB or more per user.

Collaboration tools – Many Professional Email hosts include additional features such as shared calendars, contacts, projects, and file sharing to help your team operate more efficiently.

Support – The email hosting provider provides 24/7 assistance so you may get help whenever you need it. They can assist you with any issues that may arise while keeping your email working smoothly.

Benefits of business email hosting Over Free Services.

Business email hosting has some significant advantages over free services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

1)Reduced risk of phishing and spam

A unique domain and business email help you offer a more professional look while also reducing the danger of phishing or spam. Your clients and partners understand that messages are coming from a reputable company domain.

2) Increased Storage and Archiving.

Business subscriptions often have substantially more storage capacity, which means you never have to worry about limits or going through old communications. Email archiving and backup services ensure that no crucial communications are lost.

3) Enhanced Productivity

A Secure Business email hosting frequently includes valuable productivity tools like calendaring, task management, and file sharing built directly into the inbox. Some offer advanced features like email automation, CRM integration, and project management software.

4) Custom Branding

A customized domain, business email, and white labeling help you strengthen your brand. You can select a domain name that corresponds to your business and personalize email signatures, login pages, and email templates with your logo and company colors.

5)Features to Look for in Business Email Hosting Plans.

There are several Benefits of business email hosting, there are a few essential factors to consider:

  1. Security and Encryption: Any business email solution should have powerful spam filtering, anti-malware protection, and encryption. Emails and sensitive data are secured with encryption such as TLS or SSL. Multi-factor authentication adds an extra degree of security by requiring both a password and a code emailed to your phone.
  2. Integrations: Does the email hosting package interface with the other tools your organization uses like G Suite, Office 365, or customer relationship management (CRM) platforms? Integrations enable you to sync contacts, calendars, and files across many systems, increasing productivity. Gmail, Outlook, HubSpot, and Salesforce represent a few of the most common connectors.
  3. Support: Reliable customer support is essential for corporate email hosting. here comes Sixthstar which provides 24/7 help via phone, email, and live chat in case you ever have trouble

With the proper plan and functionality for your specific business requirements, corporate email hosting may help you interact more effectively and productively. Compare many top suppliers to locate a solution that meets all of your needs while remaining inside your budget.

6)How to Select the Best Business Email Hosting Plan for Your Needs:

Selecting a business email hosting package is a crucial decision. The best plan for your needs is determined by the size of your organization, your budget, and your desired level of control over the email service.

Number of Email Accounts

For small organizations, a package with 10-50 email accounts is usually sufficient. Medium and large businesses will need at least 100-500 accounts. Some providers allow limitless email addresses for optimal flexibility.

Consider how many employees, departments, and mailing lists you have when determining the appropriate number of accounts for your business.

Storage Space

Make sure you have enough space to store your emails and file attachments. Most plans begin around 50-100GB, which is suitable for many small enterprises. Larger enterprises will want at least 1-5TB of storage or an unlimited package.

Custom Domains and Branding

If your brand identity is important, search for a plan that supports custom domains ( and email addresses. Some email services give email themes, signatures, and other branding options to help your emails look professional.

Control Panel and Applications

A good control panel allows you to simply manage accounts, define email filters, and join up for extra capabilities. Many suppliers interact with popular business software, including

Microsoft 365, Google Suite, Slack, and Zendesk. Determine which integrations are most valuable for your business needs.


Business email hosting options typically cost $3 to $30 per user per month. The more features and controls you require, the higher the cost. For many small businesses, a mid-range package with strong features and reliable support is an excellent place to start, costing between $5 and $15 per month. You can always upgrade as your business expands.

Sixth Star Tech offers Carbonio Email service which meet your current business email needs while also allowing for future expansion as your company grows. With the wide range of options available today, you can find an affordable solution for any size organization.


The main reasons why corporate email hosting is so important for any business. By now, you should have a good idea of the benefits, options, and factors to consider when choosing a service. Overall, professional email forms the backbone of company communication and customer relationships.