Spam Cloud Features

Outgoing SPAM Filter

 Avoid IP blacklisting 
The setup of Sixth star’s outgoing SPAM Filter will help you get rid of network related SPAM issues and will stop the time spent on delisting to a minimum.

Abuse manageability
With Sixth Star Outgoing SPAM Filter service you can get clear and brief reports indicating which users/ accounts require attention and automatically locking them.

Protect your brand and Reputation 
Sixth Star makes sure you are part of the email security solution rather than part of the SPAM email issue; we are focused mainly on ensuring the integrity and highly positive client reputation.

Eliminate severe fines
Global-wide legislative and organizations are entitled to severely fine companies for sending out unwanted emails. Our outgoing SPAM Filter is a robust solution that prevents your organization from possible penalties for sending out spam emails. 

₹ 3,500/m. Buy this service

Incoming SPAM Filter

Email continuity
The incoming filter comes with an extra protective layer which maintains the email flow through continuous email delivery process. This spam filter will queue inbound email when the destination is unreachable.  

Increase resource efficiency
You can increase your resource efficiency without getting any vast amount of spam emails and be benefited with resourceful hardware and highly efficient inbound filtering service.

Control email flow and increase productivity
No manual retention is required when you have incoming spam filter since they reduce the allowance of spam emails to low levels. Thus, it will be time-saving for the organization and can get concentrated on business tasks.  

₹ 2,500/m. Buy this service

Both I/O SPAM Filter

Features Coming soon.

₹ 5,000/m. Buy this service