Protect and Stop Unwanted Emails Reaching Your Network

Spam filter software mainly processes the incoming emails and prevents the spam before it is reaching the users. Its main function is to identify and remove the unwanted emails getting into the user's accounts. In order to avoid the spam actions, effective spam filters are provided by our solutions to maintain and clean spam-free inboxes. We offer spam filter services such as both Incoming and Outgoing spam filters based on your level of protection.

We provide accessible Cloud-based anti-spam filters that detect phishing which obtains username, password, credit card details and malware activities that causes damages to a computer, server, or computer network. Once the email filter is installed you can get an administration portal and where you can permit and manage the variety of features like management of whitelists and blacklists, subject or content filters, virus detection, email recovery and quarantine blocking spam.

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Incoming SPAM Filter

2,500 /m.
  • Spam Filtering (inbound)
  • Anti-Malware
  • Reporting Portal
  • Quarantine Available
  • 7 Day Email Relay
  • Always-on Email Continuity
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Both I/O SPAM Filter

5,000 /m.
  • Spam Filtering (inbound and outbound)
  • Anti-Malware
  • Reporting Portal
  • Quarantine Available
  • 7 Day Email Relay
  • Always-on Email Continuity
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Outgoing SPAM Filter

3,000 /m.
  • Spam Filtering (outbound)
  • Anti-Malware
  • Reporting Portal
  • Quarantine Available
  • 7 Day Email Relay
  • Always-on Email Continuity
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Key Features of Email Filtering Services

We significantly demonstrate high verifiable levels of spam and virus detection service for your business. The organizations should take following,

How email verified as spam – quarantined, tagged and delivered.

Percentage of false positives – number of authenticated emails get blocked.

Reporting options – The reporting options are available to identify whitelist and blacklist senders.

Filtering and testing – To accelerate the filtering process, front end test is conducted.

Virus protection – High quality of the antivirus software protecting your business from malware activities.

What Makes Us Notable In Industry

Ease Of Use

Sending the data and other information is an easy process. You can easily manage and transfer your data's via the network in short time period.

High Detection Rate

The rate of virus and malware activities were detected accurately and can be prevented without entering into the email network of sender and receiver end.

Email Continuity Service

The maintenance of email flow is carried via email delivery process. We provide an extra protective layer for incoming filter that maintains the email flow.

Reporting Options

The reporting option is useful to find out the whitelist and blacklist so that the user can sort out mail list in an effective way.

Antivirus Software

It is used to detect, prevent and remove malware and viruses that affects in any part of the files or software in the desktop.

Phishing Protection

A powerful layer of phishing protections is significantly required to protect users and organizations from hacking attacks like threating sensitive information of the user.

Incoming SPAM Filter

Incoming spam filter supports the high level of proprietary spam detection. It is similar to outbound filter because it removes spam messages that reach users. When a spam is sent to your inbox, most of the time the Inbound spam filter will identify and remove the spam. It mainly detect virus or result in a ransom ware attack and clears it in an effective way. Using the third party spam filters, the level of spam email detection is increased for the incoming mail.

Email continuity

The incoming filter comes with an extra protective layer which maintains the email flow through continuous email delivery process. This spam filter will queue inbound email when the destination is unreachable.

Increase resource efficiency

You can increase your resource efficiency without getting any vast amount of spam emails and be benefited with resourceful hardware and highly efficient inbound filtering service.

Control email flow and increase productivity

No manual retention is required when you have incoming spam filter since they reduce the allowance of spam emails to low levels. Thus, it will be time-saving for the organization and can get concentrated on business tasks.

Outgoing SPAM Filter

The outgoing spam filter is mainly used for the companies which rely on continual email communications with their clients. Generally, anti-spam filter monitors on spam outbound communications leaving IP.

Avoid IP blacklisting

The setup of Sixth star’s outgoing SPAM Filter will help you get rid of network related SPAM issues and will stop the time spent on delisting to a minimum.

Abuse manageability

With Sixth Star Outgoing SPAM Filter service you can get clear and brief reports indicating which users/ accounts require attention and automatically locking them.

Eliminate severe fines

Global-wide legislative and organizations are entitled to severely fine companies for sending out unwanted emails. Our outgoing SPAM Filter is a robust solution that prevents your organization from possible penalties for sending out spam emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

For inbound messages: This filtering will be done based on the IP address of the sender. As a default process, content-filter spam is sent to the junk folder of the recipient. All these actions can be controlled by you. For outbound messages: Here the emails delivery status can be easily known by the sender whether the email is bounced or not delivered through a message status.
Once you get the spam filter service it will be automatically enabled as per anti-spam policies. If you want any alteration in the policies based on your organizational structure you can tailor it according to it.
Yes, the service provides URL filtering. If the read URL has any spam content then it will be marked as a spam message.
This email filtering works differently for new and migrated customers. So make sure if the service is automatically enabled or not.
Yes, you will get spam reports about the volume of messages present in the account.