VPS Server Hosting in chennai

Virtual Private Server (VPS) holds the features of both dedicated Hosting and shared Hosting focusing on your critical data privacy with complete security solutions. This virtual server comprises RAM, disk space, processors and other storage and network capabilities with an expandable feature where you can configure based on your requirement. With our immense server features and proactive support, you can certainly run your business without any downtime.

Preferred Global Data Center

Starting At
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 40 GB SSD Drive
  • 1 GBPS Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 Static IP
  • Free SSL
Starting At
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 2 Core Processor
  • 40 GB SSD Drive
  • 1 GBPS Speed
  • Unlimlited Bandwidth
  • 1 Static IP
  • Free SSL
Starting At
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 Core Processor
  • 100 GB SSD Drive
  • 1 GBPS Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 Static IP
  • Free SSL
Starting At
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 4 Core Processor
  • 200 GB SSD Drive
  • 1 GBPS Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 Static IP
  • Free SSL

Benefits Of VPS Hosting

With the use of Open stack technology, the VPS server becomes more flexible and easy to control among users. You can acquire best-in-class network features with instant provisioning, high-availability equipped with a firewall and DDoS protection to avoid malware attacks and third-party interference. Also, you can have an intuitive control panel where you can easily set/remove features based on the workload. Apart from these, we provide a cluster of features that help you enhance more business deals.


Best security operation

With password-protected directories and IP denials VPS stands as the best option. We also offer ssl certificate for secure transactions and operations.


Uptime guarantee

99.99% uptime is guaranteed at all time since we offer expandable bandwidth with redundant networking performance for faster load times.


Complete access

For both Linux VPS and Windows VPS servers you will be given a complete root access where you can change/modify, set features flexible based on your needs.


High performance

With tier-3 infrastructure all the servers works at lightning speed and performs operations faster with no delay.


24/7 Support

Our technical team will be active round the clock to support you technically for all back-end process. You can reach them at any time.



With our high-end hardware and software features we offer packages at cheap prices to reduce your capital investment.


Choose the appropriate platforms for your core business. We offer both Windows and Linux servers and also fetch various open source programming platforms and pre-installed OS based on your requirement. You can either configure your operating system during purchase or can install it by yourself latter using control panel. As a provider, we offer it as a pre-installed one with other built-in configurations along your packages. Since there are differences in Operating system and user-interfaces we make it clear for your knowledge to choose wisely.

Windows VPS server – Windows (Plesk Control Panel) can eradicate complications by giving a hack-free environment. They use .Net programming features making your platform easy to develop and modify. If you are working with windows applications or developing business under windows platform this VPS server is ideal.

Linux VPS server – Using an Open source technology Linux can operate in a reliable manner with inbuilt CSS Optimizer. The server enables you to install/update software and other programs without purchasing any license key (from open source). They are flexible with real-time rebooting procedures.


Super Fast ssd – Highly-reliable networking performance is guaranteed with our robust local RAID and SSD operations. All your data’s and applications will be implemented at lightning speed to your users assuring low load times.

Global Datacenters – Choose our data centres based on your business and potential customers locations. Our colocation data centres on different geographical locations enable for faster response time, quicker output and increase local presence. You can choose the best to enhance productivity.

SLA Performance Guarantee – As our SSL portrays, we will strive and provide the reliable hosting performance to all the customers with 99.98% uptime and resource availability.

SSL Security – As security is a great concern, we help you maintain a safe and secure website by providing SSL certificates. By installing the SSL certificate, you can improve your site credibility and trust among the customer’s ensuring that all transactions or information’s are kept safe.

24X7 Supports and Server Maintenance – We give high-priority to resolve customer queries and the problem in any instance. Our expert team will perform support services for 24x7x365 through email, chat or call. You can reach us at any time.


Sixth Star offers virtualized server that is cost-effective which acts as a good alternative to bare machines. They function similar as bare machines but run on a flexible fundamental layer. Virtual servers suit every small and medium workload. They include a free firewall setup and come with an easily managed service. We will instantly install or deploy the servers once the package processing is over. You can customize the server settings and pay off the bill for the only resources you have used. No additional fees or incentives for the installation or setup is been charged from our side.

Moreover, VSM Server will impress you with its guaranteed RAM and CPU resources with its speedy, high performance SSDs - everything at a very competitive price. Guaranteed features like snapshot function, 24/7 server monitoring, and the reset keys make this deal a complete package.


Latest hardware features – We provide advance featured hardware at a very affordable price. All the Virtual Private Server (VPS) run on a physical server with multiple Intel Xenon Processors and it is a network connection set up. We use separate physical networks for storage purposes for the best network performance.

Automated platform – If occurs any hardware failure of any network component, storage or management system causing an impact on your server, our redundant setup will automate and continue the process without any manual interpretation to ensure the continuity.

Bandwidth Capacity – The servers will have reduced latency with increased connectivity. You can have unlimited bandwidth service with 99.9% uptime experiencing no downtime.

Guaranteed Storage – We store your data at separate racks ensuring redundancy. We use SAS drives for the storage purposes and an extra SSD cached layer will be responsible for the better performance of the server.

Customer Support – We provide support to all our customers and also maintain their server without any malfunctioning. We are ready to resolve all your queries and technical issues in a very instance.


Some of the security practices that we maintain in VPS in order to protect the customer server side are installed in the package itself and they are listed as follows,

- Password-protected directories
- IP address denials
- SSL certificates
- Key settings to restrict access
- ModSecurity, Leech Protection to protect the site


The VPS server has both the configuration of dedicated and shared server i.e. as a dedicated server it has a virtual independent environment and as a shared one it shares the resources of the server. Also, the server will not interface with the other hardware or file system rather it will send requests through queues and manages interpretation.
VPS is always a better choice. If you own a shared server and wanted an alternate as dedicated then VPS is a perfect solution that can fit your requirements. They are affordable compared to another hosting. They are highly secured too.
Our data centres are equipped with latest tech hardware’s and software’s and are connected to Ethernet. So the speed will be in gigabits and are redundant.
There are innumerous benefits in VPS to list, but there are few that top such as high security, reliability, customization, ease of usage, affordability etc. Also, you can install OS of your preference and can remove software for better-optimized performance.
Yes, you can get a dedicated IP address at the sixth star.
Of course! You can customize it according to your need and can install or remove applications. You will be provided with the root access facility to modify your server based on the requirements.
VPS gives you a virtualized environment as well as shared hosting features where resources are shared on a particular server. Whereas in the shared hosting, you will not have an independent server.
YES, you can upgrade your resources at any time you want. Reach our support team at support@sixthstar.in for further details.
Yes, you can register or transfer at easy steps to your new VPS account at any time.
If your website is receiving a high traffic or you need to customize applications or to increase your security level but not willing to invest more, then VPS is the best choice.
Yes, VPS provides good security keeping your information and applications protected within its own independent environment
Utilization is an added advantage in VPS hosting since you have a root access you can remove or install as per your requirement enhancing the performance of your site.
Yes, VPS is cheap compared to another hosting service.
Yes, with root access you can customize it as you wish.
Once the payment is verified through email or phone, your account will be set up on the same business day.
Yes, we offer trial pack for 30 days. You can check our VPS hosting packages for further reference.
We accept Visa, RuPay, American Express, Discover, cheques and bank transfers.
Yes, we offer 99.99% uptime guarantee based on the SLA.
CentOS and Apache web server are offered with VPS in Sixth Star. You can choose them according to your requirement.
We offer both managed and unmanaged services. Managed service is where all the technical part is handled by our professionals whereas in unmanaged you will receive a blank server where you have to optimize it according to your requirement.
You can configure the iptables rules to secure your server.
You can connect to your desktop or through SSH.
Yes, you can have additional storage. Call us to proceed further.
We do daily backups and can restore it once you request. Kindly check our SLA to know more backup procedures.
Yes, we will but only for first-time installers. Check our policy condition for further information.
Our entire VPS packages come with one dedicated IP.
Simply contact our team members through email or calls and they will do the rest.
Yes, we provide Softaculous installers to your package where you can download applications within few minutes.
Yes, you can get it. Contact our sales or support team at the time of order to state your requirement.
In Sixth Star we offer 24/7 support service and maintenance. You can reach us at any time.

Server Specification

Server Features:
- CentOS and Windows with Full Root Access
- Apache Web Server
- MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby
Server Hardware:
Continuous Power Supply
- Fault Tolerant RAID Disks 
Fully redundant network
- State of the art network devices
- Multiple bandwidths