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What is a Dedicated Server ?

What is a Dedicated Server
A dedicated server is a physical server that is leased or owned by a single user or an organization and is not shared with anyone outside their premises or with an entity. This means that the user or organization has full control over the server’s resources, such as the CPU, RAM, and storage.

What are the purposes of a dedicated server?​

It’s a common question for everyone who has decided to buy a server for their business. Should I really opt for a defulluy managed bare metal server, or should I prefer a cloud server or a shared server? It really plays a pivotal role in an organization, depending on the business use cases.

Here we have listed the main purposes of dedicated servers:

  1. Hosting websites to live on the internet and applications that require high performance and reliability.
  2. Running highly resource-intensive applications, such as gaming servers or scientific simulations.
  3. Storing private, sensitive data that shouldn’t go outside the organization.
  4.  If you’re a start-up business entrepreneur and you care very much about your data privacy policies and providing a platform for custom or in-house software development for your clients,  opting for a dedicated server will be the best choice..

What are the benefits of a dedicated server?​

  1. More customizable to your needs:
                      When it comes to customization, you can choose your own operating system, RAM, control panel, and much more that is built on your needs.
  2. Unique IP address:
                      When you own a physical server dedicated only to you or your organization, you can easily route to your own static IP address, which is only visible to your organization. That means having your own unique local IP address will give you a lot of safety for yourself and your data.
  3. Dedicated Resources:
                       You don’t like sharing your hosting or resources with other company resources under the same server spaces as shared hosting server. Then dedicated server are the best choice, where dedicated server resources are exclusively available to you and your organization alone. This helps and gives a boost to the easy resource allocation process.
  4. High performance:
                       When it comes to performance, in case the entire server is at your place, And this physical server is directly connected to your hosting domain, which tends to deploy a high-performance system even during heavy workloads.
  5. Enhanced Security:
    With minimal entry points to your server workspace,  the organizational data is secured and safe. so you have control over your server configurations and maintain a security strategy to protect your data.

Uses of Dedicated Servers Hosting:

Dedicated Server Hosting are used in every industries based on their specific needs. here we will Tell  were the the physical servers are fully used towards its potentials across major Industrial sectors.

  1.  High-performance computing (HPC) or super computing Workloads:
                        HPC is mainly used for performing tasks like extreme computational tasks using extremely fast computers on clusters ranging from small-scale HPC clusters to large supercomputers.HPC  helps computer  engineers, data scientists, designers, and other  research scientists to solve large, complex problems in much less time and at low cost than traditional computing.
  2.  Data Backup and Data Storage:
               This dedicated Server used for storing backups of regular copies of data regulated by strict data protection laws. Businesses can easily customize their data backup and recovery strategies as per their requirements. For instance, you can use a dedicated server to secure financial data assets and information from being spread out of the premises. Healthcare businesses lean toward using dedicated servers to add another layer of protection to their medical data records.
  3. Gaming Industry:
    Dedicated server have improved the quality and reliability of the online gaming experience since the beginning of the internet.
              A complete physical or dedicated gaming server has streamlined the way gamers from all over the world play their favorite games without any lag or issues. Physical servers play a pivotal role in the gaming industry when gaming industry giants like EA Sports and ANT Sports group together for a competition and stream online at the same time.
  4. Web hosting provisions:
    Most hosting companies use Self-Managed Dedicated Server to host multiple client websites at once on the same server. In that case, they use virtualization software to segregate different clients and manage their resources effectively.

How does dedicated hosting work?

                      With dedicated hosting, you rent a whole physical server or dedicated server from the hosting provider’s data center server provided for you. You can lease the whole or entire physical machine and access all of the dedicated (accompanying) resources inside the allocated managed server. This means the server’s CPU, random access memory (RAM), storage, and bandwidth are all exclusively available to you and your organization. Most dedicated hosting providers guarantee a certain amount of uptime and offer 24/7 support in case of physical server hardware failure or other server-related technical issues.

                      Additionally, you get full root access or top-level root administrative access to the server. With these permissions (access), you can install software, manage client (user) accounts, modify server settings, and roll out the required administrative tasks. You can choose the type of operating system, customize software applications, and upgrade specific configurations that best suit your needs. Additionally, you can use your current (existing) per-socket, per-virtual-machine (VM), virtualization machine, or per-core software licenses. And you can complete the virtualization process and run multiple instances (or virtual machines) on your server.

                        When it comes to fully managed hosting services, your provider provides additional add-on support services like software updates, security patch updates, all-time technical support, and complete server monitoring. In an unmanaged dedicated hosting service, you are accountable for all server-related tasks, including operating system (OS) updates and related issues, security patch-related queries, and backup and storage of data

How can Sixthstar Technologies support your dedicated server requirements?​

There are two server hosting options on Sixthstar Technologies. Fully managed dedicated hosting services and self-managed dedicated hosting services are both available through the Sixthstar website.

Dedicated Hosts:
             A self-managed dedicated hosting is a physical server with instance-on-use  capacity completely dedicated to your use. With Dedicated Email Hosts, you can use your current per-socket, per-core, or per-VM software licenses. This will come with Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server software, and much more.

Now you get to have an overall idea of what is a dedicated server is, its purposes, and its benefits. Get started with buying of  servers at Sixthstar Technologies. Get started today.